what language did jesus speak?

did he speak aramaic??

Answer #1

idk i know he was jewish so he would probably have spoken whatever language was commen for jews around that time

Answer #2

Yes Jesus spoke Aramaic.

Answer #3

I would think Hebrew or Aramaic

Answer #4

I think that it was Hebrew.

Answer #5

Aramaic and there’s some research suggesting he may have spoken hebrew and greek.

Joel B. Green, Scot McKnight, I. Howard Marshall, Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (InterVarsity Press, 1992), page 442

Answer #6

You may find this article interesting to read: http://funadvice.com/r/bfjhu5k65su

Answer #7

the language of God :D

Answer #8

he spoke hebrew, aramaic, greek, and latin or whatever the romans spoke at the time.

Answer #9

ICELANDIC!!!JK;D it was Aramaic

Answer #10

Aramaic like everyone said. However, according to Hollywood, he spoke English, and was a white man! LOL

Answer #11

all languages even after his death

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