Why isn't the bible written in its original language?

Why isn’t the bible written in its original language of ‘koine greek’ followed by an english translation?why is it written in english only and not in its original language?and yet, as in the new testament, in particular in the masoretic texts, changes, corruptions, and erasures have been found.there is ample proof that the bible today is quiet a lot different from the one even in the 9th century!

Answer #1

There is no extant ‘original Bible’. The oldest manuscripts we have are all significantly different from one another.

Answer #2

prob get a translation cus people dont speak that type of language anymore

Answer #3

Fine,some in Araimaic and hebrew!But yet the question is there!

Answer #4

Even though I’m Atheist,I have to agree with Jeremy. :)

Answer #5

I see your point johnathan. and thedude… in my oppinion, the bible should be free from errors for the fact that it’s religious. it is the mistranslations that create so many different religions. and everyone wonders why there are so many. this creates even more corruption when it’s supposed to be creating “peace” and a “godly” figure that “loves” us… this is very ironic. :p

but please don’t flip out on me because I don’t know that many big words.

Answer #6

The reason it has been translated is so that they can warp what it says into lies and people have to believe it because they don’t know the original translation:)

Perfectly right!!!

Answer #7

The reason it has been translated is so that they can warp what it says into lies and people have to believe it because they don’t know the original translation :)

Answer #8

Not all of the new testament was written in Greek…

…but, given the tone of your question, you should already know this ;)

Answer #9

the bible is not just in english, the bible hasbeen translated into over 2000 languages. What is the point in having the original language version followed by the version in the language the reader can actually understand? Does it really matter if it is more accurate if the reader has no idea what it says?

Answer #10

It doesnt matter what language, or who edited what in which century. There are undeniable truths in the Gospels. Jesus Christ spoke the truth. I will believe Christ over Dan Brown any day. Dan Browns fiction books will go away, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ will go on like it has for over 2000 years. Trying reading the message of hope in the Gospel. Why do people twist and distort His message ? All Christ did was try to teach us how to live and love each-other, and he was crucified.

Answer #11

Sigh…you missed “latin” as one of the languages the bible was written in. And yes, you have translation errors that will occur. You can’t perfectly translate two languages, today, across each other without interjecting your opinion…as some concepts don’t exist in one language, that do in another (as concepts are also a part of culture).

Again, given that you’re writing in English, from country that does NOT speak or write English natively, you must be aware of this fact: you can’t translate Arabic and English perfectly between them, right? Nor can you with Punjabi and English.

So…why would it be possible to keep the bible free from errors in translation? Simple: it wouldn’t be. Only a dogmatic zealot would claim any religious text which was translated retained 100% of it’s original meaning…for that matter, even a text from 50 years ago, in English, loses meaning without translation, given the phenomenon known as “linguistic shift”…eg, in the United States, a “nice girl” in the early part of last century, meant one that would be easy to seduce :)

Allow me to answer the implication (now that I’ve explained something you should have known, a priori, to your question)…which is that any religious text which retains it’s original verbiage, millennia after the fact, has lost meaning.

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