Could you help with my child development work?

Please help me :) need much as possible I have 2 from my other blog thanks!

Childs Age: 1 2 3 4 5

What sort of stuff do you look for when buying toys for you baby (saftey):

what sort of toys do you get them (write down in the follwing lines please) 1. 2. 3. 4.

what would you recommond your baby enjoy most? (Please Dealte others + leave the one you have chosen)

-Physical Play Maniuplate play Creative Play Imagtive Play Discovery/Exploratery Sensory Play

Many thanks!

Answer #1

Toys usually say what the age recommendation is.

get something with no sharp edges (obviously) look for toys that you know wont hurt them and will be soft yet they would love to play with.

Usually creativity is the best to get for a child as it helps them with development of life.

Answer #2

Childs Age 14 months

When buying toys for my child I look at Price Whether it is age appropriate most toys state the age the toy is intended for Safety no cholking hazards etc.. Whether she will like it, is it fun? does it make noise will it keep her interested?

I get her toys that are stimulating that have lights and music also ones that will encourage her cognitive skills like shape sorters and play alongside her and show her what to do and she is too young yet but she tries and has the general concept that the square goes in the hole just not sure which one!

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