Why when someone gives someone else a kiss on the cheek we have to make like a sound from our lips?

Ive noticed that when i kiss someone on the cheek i make a wierd noise its never bothered me before but im curios why somepeople do that maybe its just where i live but i dont know why we do?

Answer #1

It is the way to show how we really love and care about them as much as those people deserve our kiss on their lips. The sound of muach….. is the sound of love and care.

Answer #2

Becase, when you really think about it, your lips are puckering and you kinda suck. When ever the suction touches someones face, it makes that little sound. You don’t have to make the sound, but otherwise you would just be touching lips and not kssing.

Answer #3

Who says you “have to”?

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