Why does my voice sound like a guy on audio?

Okay I am clearly female and when I'm talking to someone in person I sound female but when I'm recorded on audio I sound like a young guy and it kinda makes me embarrassed. Why is that?

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Everyone hears their own voice differently when it's played back in comparison to what you hear in your own head. I have the same problem, I don't particularly like hearing my voice played back over some kind of audio device. Chances are you're just being too critical of your voice and it just doesn't sound like you thought it did.

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The way we hear our voices is not how we actually sound. When we hear other people's voices, that is how they sound. When we record ourselves, that is the voice everyone else hears. The same thing has happened to me. That's when I discovered I have a horrible singing voice! :-)

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I don't know it's weird because on a phone recorder it sounds female but one a cam cord or video it sounds like a guy.

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