How can i nicely call off plans with someone that i dont really like?

i was going to hang out with someone and then they started getting on my nerves and making me mad, and then someone else asked me to hang out and i rather hang out with them then the other person, but i cant just go up to them and say i cant hang out anymore cuz i have plans with someone else. especially after i made plans with them first.

Answer #1

Maybe you can tell them that something came up and you will no longer be able to make it. If they ask why, just say its private and you would rather not share.

Answer #2

Well you can tell them that something came up. I don’t want to tell you to lie to him because you know the truth can come out and can get someone hurt. But then again teling them that you don’t want to hand out with them because you found someone else is not very nice you know? You can tell him/her that meaby your family wants to spend time with you or meaby say ‘I just don’t feel like hanging out today’ That way meaby your not laying but your not hurting them.

Answer #3

thanx :)

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Answer #5

If it’s just hanging out for a little bit, I’d stick with your original plan honestly. I have this thing against breaking plans, drives me crazy. You can hang out with your preferred friend another time. This is all assuming that what the other person did isn’t that bad, as you guys apparently don’t hate each other.

Answer #6

your right about what they did not being that bad .i dont really hate him, i just dont like him at this very moment and i wanna go with your idea but ill be hanging out for more then a little bit, i was gonna have to hang out for like 3 hours, but ur right

Answer #7

Three hours isn’t too bad. And it might even make things better between you guys. At the very worst you could cut it off short and not stay for the full three hours.

Answer #8

good idea thanx

Answer #9

sure! Good luck!

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