Why is it that girls feel the need to take someone elses picture?

Why is it that girls feel the need to take someone elses picture and act like its tham. Im pretty sure their just retarded

Answer #1

I think because they are always comparing themselves to others.If you compare yourself to others a person just sets themselves up to fail. Just be the best you. You’ll like yourself better! :)

Answer #2

Because they dont get any attention so they take it to the extreme, it somehow makes them feel good getting compliments even though its not really about them. Guys do it too, just not nearly as much.

Answer #3

They’re just insecure about themselves so they use pictures of other girls. The compliments they get are reassuring to them, even though it’s not them in the picture. I find it annoying but whatever makes them happy I guess. :)lol

Answer #4

Lol I haven’t given it much thought until now. They probably do it because they are ugly or something or take bad pictures.

Answer #5

I Know Theres Theese Girls On F.b Who Do That I Find It Realy Annoyiing 2 I Guesse Its Just 4 Attention x

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