How to make my voice sound younger ?

Always people who I speak with tell me that I sound older ,,once , someone told me I sound like a 33 years old man ,, I hear a lot of people's comment about my voice

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People will trust you more if you sound older, so that's a good thing (so long as you actually are trustworthy!). Teachers also learn to make their voices sound lower, instead of higher, to get children to pay them attention and obey them. So I like having a low-ish voice for a woman. I think you could find your deep voice useful.

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who cares what other people think

if thats the way you talk naturally dont change...some people may find it sexy confident in urself and ignor people's comments


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well try raising the tone of your voice. talk in a higher octave. a higher pitch. thats what I do. if I didnt I would have a very low base filled voice.

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Eat varitey of fresh and organic fruits and veggies to nourish your vocal cords(and your whole body). Cut back or eliminate junk food from your diet. And if you smoke, give up and don't hung around others' smoke.

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I personally find deeper voices attractive ;D you can't change your voice so just go with it.

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