What kinds of things help with sleep?

I have tried drinking warm milk, calming music, reading, nothing helps! i hate this insomnia, i end up sleeping every clas i have.

Answer #1

did you try taking a hot bath or sometimes if you count or say a prayer in your head it helps. i know that kinda sounds dumb, and i dont go to church that often but if you repeat a prayer alot in your head, then you should get tired. lol.

Answer #2

For me, I re-make my bed and put on a different top to sleep in. I don’t know why but it changes everything and makes me feel different thus to go sleep easier. You could try watching the start of a movie while lying down (that makes me tired lol) Or you could drink warm water, have a warm bath/shower, or make a shopping list or a list of stuff you want. These things will probably make you tired.

Answer #3

When I can not sleep I take a warm bath , but if that does not work , get into really comfy clothing, grab some warm milk and just let your mind wander. Eventually your body will get tired and thus you shall sleep, but usually when people can not sleep it is because they have to much on the minds, so try to clear your mind from all your thoughts. Also if you have trouble sleeping often go to the doctor because you might have a sleep disorder.

Answer #4

one thing ive found to work wonders is to talk to yourself but slow everything your saying down to a crawl, works like no other

Answer #5

Well i like to drink a cup of hot tea before i go to sleep ( well before i brush my teeth, then go to sleep) … also i was at a yoga class (well it was like yoga, and a bunch of different calming excersizes) and a trick i learned was to massage your ears (yess this sounds weird, but everything in your body is connected to your ears, and feet) also to just relax, and breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. . . Hope these help :)

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