What kind of a turn will the economy make if wind turbines were put to use?

Let’s say there’s a sucessfull company in…the USA(let’s also say there’s no corruption there).And the company is rich enaugh to provide every house there is with a WIND TURBINE.The company provides wind turbines for every house that cover most of the electricity being spent.Now what kind of an impact could that have on the economy? Will the electricity company bankrot?If and so,how would that result on the taxes and the balance of the economy? I don’t know much about this stuff.But I would certainly like your opinion.

Answer #1

Coal companies would go under, (coal is used to make electricity) and the electric utility companies would suffer greatly and probably go under as well. Just these two examples alone would result in massive job loss and be devastating to the economy. The primary reason for the troubled economy right now is the lack of good paying, steady jobs. People can’t spend money if they don’t have a way to earn it. The Government can’t collect taxes from people who aren’t working. Things go deeper than this, but here’s just one example.

Answer #2

so from a good intention in becoming ecological,the economy will devestate?

Answer #3

But why the need for Coal??Why should we depend on it when we have an infinite source of electricity -the wind.?And also The Sun.

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