Do you think the lawsuits filed against Honda for falsely advertising MPG on the Civic Hybrid will put the company in jeopardy?

Honda claimed that the Civic Hybrid will get 50 MPG, but it turns out that the claim is misleading. There are several class-action lawsuits pending at the moment, as well as one claim in small claims court.

Will this affect sales on newer models?

Read about it:

Answer #1

I don’t think it will put them in jeopardy at all. They have the money to advertise and promote. People are so addicted to media and every message it conveys, Honda won’t suffer enough to make a dent in anything because people forget and move on.

Answer #2

They advertised false MPG on my Honda Fit also. When I bought it it say 38 and then they modified after people complained and I think they lowered to 34.

Answer #3

I think they will lose a little credability, but people love their Honda Cars.

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