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Do you feel that Obama's use of executive privilege in the Fast and Furious scandal makes him look guilty?

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So there's this organization called FTA that is designed to stop drug cartels and illegal arms selling by actually selling guns that they keep track of, wait for them to reach higher ups, and then catch the leaders of drug cartels and other deadly organizations. However, of the 2000 guns in project fast and furious, only 700 have been recovered and no powerful leaders imprisoned.

However, where the real problem begins is that several guns that where used in this project have been found in Mexican American borders involved in violent crimes that involved the deaths of many Mexicans and at least one American federal agent. It was later found that congress and the white house knew about this but Obama insisted on saying that neither he nor attorney general Eric Holder knew about gun walking practices.

When republicans ask for the documents in these cases, Holder tells them no and is later held in "contempt of congress" eventually leading Obama to use his executive privilege to withhold the documents.

Do you feel this makes Obama look guilty or not?

  • From the Philip Defanco show.