Why to use force to make peace?

I need couple of arguments why I am pro to use force to make peace.

Answer #1

Sometimes it prevents certain belligerents from continuing, often it is a tool for the interference in the sovreign affairs of others

Answer #2

The lack of peace necessarily implies that force is in use already, so it’s ok to counter force with force.

That said, often ‘peace’ is used as a euphemism for ‘order’. For example, someone who is smoking pot in their living room is not violating the peace, but they are violating draconian order. It is not ethical to use force in such a situation, but it is legal.

A real violation of peace would be, for example, domestic violence. Using force to counter this force is ethical and also legal.

Answer #3

I think that there are better ways to makepeace but I also think that some times it is necssery to use violence to make peace because it gets people to look

Answer #4

Because you have misinterpreted Adin Ballou’s declaration that ‘Might makes Right’

Because Orwells Oceania’s technocracy declared that War is peace.

Hopefully you have the assignment of Devil’s Advocate for the classroom… being subjective… you must be somewhat delusional to believe that you can strongarm goodwill into existence. Typically those who argue that you can achieve peace through war are warmongers who are really only concerned with convincing the people to accept war.

Answer #5

It makes people pay attention; sometimes people need to be shown the correct way to do things (eg. lead their country); it can stop things, like war, going too far if you just step in and take drastic action now as it will stop it being prolonged further.

That is about all I can think of, sorry.

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