What can I do with the kids when I babysit?

There are all ages of kids here and I want them to be safe.

Answer #1

Movies and popcorn (for the older kids, you can give the younger ones goldfish), crafts such as making mask out of paper plates, dress up for little girls, colors and coloring books are always fun, look up recipes for treats you dont have to cook and have the kids help you make them, kids love being able to help hands on, easter egg hunt ( you can use toy dinosaurs or something small like that), story time for younger kids, take them out in the backyard and teach them mother may i or green light red light.

Answer #2

I play video games with some 7 year old twin boys I play with. We play Mario on the wii (:

Answer #3

play games like hide-n-seek or monoply do the things they like to do or make a project for their parents arts and crafts are always good but if its younger kids u’ll need to keep a closer eye on them

Answer #4

Doing arts and crafts,there are so many crafts that all type of kids will love to do,you can just have a competition between them.Then you can watch some funny show,eat.for smaller kids you can give them playdoh and for bigger kids ,you can give them video games to play.

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