How do I babysit 6 kids at once, is it hard?

I’m new at sitting. And I am babysitting Gwynn Cortney John Emily and Sophia

Answer #1

BE LIKE JON AND KATE PLUS 8 .. or in your case… 6!

Answer #2

Well I usually just play games with them then at 8 pm sharp idc what they say its bedtime lol

Answer #3

if ther older like 8 or 9 its not hard the can practiclly take care of themselves but if ther young like 2 or 3 or younger thats going to b pretty hard

Answer #4

If you’re babysitting a lot of kids at once it will be more difficult but probably more fun too. :) Since there are so many, make sure you lay down the law from the start, like: -no yelling inside -no going inside/outside without telling where you are going -no wrestling With a big group like that if will be helpful if you can get all of them involved in one activity, or even split them off into two groups if they don’t want to play the same game- it will be easier to keep an eye on everyone and keep them all happy. If some of the kids are older, they can help you entertain the little ones. If they’re all a bit older, board games, hide-n-seek, or building something (like forts or a craft) might be a good idea. Good Luck! :)

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