How To Play With Both Kids When Babysitting?

So I regularly babysit two little kids, a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. The problem is, they both want me to play with them, but they never want to play the same things. The older one only wants to play make-believe games that the younger one doesn’t understand, and the little one wants to play, you know, 2-year-old stuff. Help??

Answer #1

well first of all are they boys or girls or both and which one is which. Second of all have games that are make believe and for two year olds like read a book and then play that you are each a character. Give them snacks, as a reward if they are good.

Answer #2

I have a 10 year old bro and 5 year old bro and a 4 year old sis, but I know how that is. you can play a movie. believe it or not but they may find movies funny that you also feel are funny. my brothers and sister loves the movies: Tommy Boy, Shaggy Dog, Bedtime Stories. Now for a 2 year old, you could play an easy game of match. or hide and seek. both kids may enjoy that game. help the 2 year old hide tho.

Answer #3

I am auntie of a just about two and and just about a three year old and what I try to do is mix the games together like for example if the 5 year old like make believe stuff then how about you play dragons and you also like carry the 2 yr old around helping him/her to pretend to be a dragon or find out a game that they both enjoy.GOOD LUCK

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