Joining the Military and Removing Piercings?

I’m planning on joining the Marine Corps after high school, and I was wondering if I would have to Remove my piercings?

I have Pierced:: Tongue, Nose, Labret, and 6 on my ears, and a size 4 Gauge on both ears.

But would I have to remove my piercings?

Answer #1

I was in the Marine Corps right out of highschool at 19. I had both ears pierced and yes you will have to take “all” of them out. Just the fact that you had piercings is enough of a reason for the Drill Instructors to give you Sh!t. The gauge 4 is something you’ll have to talk to your local recruiter about. Having holes once they are removed might not go over to well with them. Hope this helps…Semper Fi!!!

Answer #2

god why military??

Answer #3

Yeah, sorry but you would.

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