What are the benefits of joining the military?

BESIDES self discipline, and stuff like that? I need statistics, and stuff like that.

please and thank youu! :D

Answer #1

Um they pay for your education so yhea

Answer #2

I would recommend NOT joining the military for its perks. If you want to fight or work for your country, you must be focused on your job. You must be focused on utilizing your skills to the best of your ability to serve your country, not the perks they position offers. The Military offers a really good pay, Funding for education, insurance coverage/ military medical care, potential promotions, tax advantages, and welfare. But i’m just saying, you should focus on what you care about more, serving your country, or taking advantage of your country’s “perks”.

Answer #3

PROS: Medical/Dental for entire service Tuition for education/future career Cheaper flights/hotels/basically military discounts Nice pension plan for retirement/early retirement 40-45yrs old

CONS: You might die even if you’re a POG(non-combat position) It’s more than likely an Open contract, meaning they can give you any job they feel like 8-20 years of service depending how you join and who you join Low ranks get crap payroll ($1,400/month = $16,800/year)

Answer #4

lol, its for an essay. I won’t be joining the military ANY time soon. (:

Answer #5

There are benefit perks in free education, military housing, and such can be great. However, the best resource material may come from the lifers who served and retired from the military. They get all the perks but the hurdle of being a lifer, gone from military to civilian is a biggy. It is not a secret that half do not survive the ordeal. Ironic when you think about all they survived and walked away from while serving their country. If you have a local VFW in your area…They’d be the best to talk candidly with for your essay.

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