Can you join any military branch/last person in fam to carry name?

Well I hear that if you are the last person in your family to carry your last name can you still join the army or navy or what not still? I hear your not allowed to fight?

Answer #1

that was something that was used when we still had the draft. it saved many men from being drafted. it is no longer in effect. so they can join and fight in the military if they want.

Answer #2

thats an interesting rumor, but I dont see where a person being the last of their line would have any relevance to their ability/permission to fight for their country.

we as a society arent nearly as concerned with ‘pedigree’ as we used to be. so names are just names.

id ask a recruiter.

Answer #3

I here cause you have to carry on the name but yeah a recruiter would no

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