Would I be able to join the military?

I am 5ft 6in and about 180lbs. Would I be able to enlist in the military when there are height and weight requirements, but there are also people who are in the military that exceed the requirement? Please do not say “talk to a recruiter” i’ve been told they lie. please share any information on which branch to join, etc.

Answer #1

Women must be around 4.8 to 6.5 feet tall and maximum weight is 116 lbs but there are exceptions you can get such as a weight waiver

Answer #2

really you have to weigh a certain amount? i didn’t know that. and 116 lbs i max.? that seems off can you imagine a 6.5 girl only weighing 116 lbs?

Answer #3

Are you serious? Even at 5’5, a 116 pound female would be a size 0. Not exactly ideal for the army. There’s no maximum weight. There’s probably a BMI check and they’re look at your muscle percent or fat percent.

Answer #4

ok that makes more since for sure and idk if she be a size 0 lol i am a size zero at 5’2 and 98’ lol

Answer #5

but i defiantly see your point

Answer #6

depends what catagory youwant to work in really

Answer #7

depends what catagory youwant to work in really

Answer #8

usually it is not that big of an issue to get in, but they will require you to get within the limits in a time period (usually 6 months) Assuming you are referring to the US military, the Marines are very strict, Air Force is just a little less, then army, and the navy being the most tolerant.

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