Would I be a bad Mom for leaving my son to join the AirForce?

but would I be a bad mom if I left my son to go do that..would people think bad of me for leaving him with my mom and step dad…do you think there is any other single moms it the navy or air force?…I tried to go into coast Gard but they said they did not take single moms

Answer #1

I don’t think that makes you a bad mom at all. you are thinking about his future you’ll be away from him for a couple months but it will be worth it you will be able have a good future for you and your son.

Answer #2

Leaving your son to serve and protect your country and his future? I don’t think that’s the definition of a bad mom.

Answer #3

Think about what it will be like in school for him when they talk about the “heroes that are protecting our country”…Imagine what it will be like for him to say “My mom is doing that”…imagine how proud of you he will be…imagine how much he will brag about his mother…imagine how when you come home he will want you to meet all his friends…imagine that no matter what you do, he will always love you.

Now, whether you want this to become a reality is your choice but remember that it’s never “bad” to show our children to stand up and fight for what we believe in.

Answer #4

um.. no your not a bad mom. but if I was your son I would be mad

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