How come some people call 911 then hang up?

How come some people call 911 then hang up? I know this doesn’t happen too often but, I hear every once in a great while someone would call 911 then hang up. I can understand if they called the wrong number, but, if it was an actual emergency, then they’d need to call. Could people call 911 to miss dial? Or, could they call for other reasons? then hang up? Another thing when someone calls 911 then hangs up, the disbatcher sends someone out there right away in case. That I understand. But, I don’t get why some people call then hang up the phone. Just wondering your thoughts and opinions on this.

Answer #1

They are dumb and are probably doing a prank or a dare. but I doubt its because they miss dialed.

Answer #2

if they call an emergency number for a prank then thats stupid cause they can still track your phonee .

Answer #3

sometimes people might feel intimated by the police or the person theyre calling them on

Answer #4

there just stupid

Answer #5

Some people call 911 then chicken out or decide it isn’t big enough an ermergency and hang up.

It wasn’t 911 but I did something similar to this.

Before 911 service there were generally two phone numbers for the police: a regular number and an emergency number.

One time I called the police to report a minor crime and after I dialed I realized that I mistakenly dialed the emergency number instead of the regular one. Since it wasn’t an emergency and it hadn’t rung yet I quickly hung up and called the regular number.

A few minutes later the police arrived, and a firetruck, and an ambulance. They told me that when someone hangs up calling the police they assume that some emergency kept the caller from staying on the line and since they didn’t know what kind of emergency it might be they dispatch all three to be safe.

Suffice it to say that I was VERY embarassed.

Answer #6

cause they are immature. and yes it is possible to miss dial awhile ago tried calling my dad his number started with 910 and I accidentaly dialed 911. if you do by mistake dont just hang up wait till they answer and tell them sorry you missdialed

Answer #7

best one I got was after girl called and hung up I called back…when ?’ing her if there was an emergency…”Yea, I’m in the mall parking lot and saw a guy walking with a knife but I got in my car and am leaving so you dont need to send anyone” WTF???

Answer #8

Prank Calls young people do them

Answer #9

people do it because there dumb. you can get in A LOT of trouble for callin 911 an it not being an emergency. Even after you hang up. This disbatcher calls you right back. An if you can’t give them a legot reason you hung up then they send somebody to your location

Answer #10

they might have tried but a murderer or someone of that nature was in the house and found them calling and then they hung up…that’s a possibility…probably doesn’t happen very often.

Answer #11

I did this along time ago I pressed a bunch of numbers then 911 then more numbers and it went right to dispatch I didnt this just to see if it worked I dont know I was young and really bored and cops came and everything and I wont do it again lol

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