Do you think Jesus was attractive?

Answer #1

Nobody knows what he looked like…how can anyone say whether he was attractive or not?

Answer #2

Well, it says in Isaiah that He wasnt, Im pretty sure He was just a regular Joe. Just wondering what people would think

Answer #3

Well, if you travel back in time…take a picture of him…come back and post it here, I will be more than happy to tell you whether or not he is attractive. Until then, I apologize, but I cannot tell you…as I have no idea what the man looked like.

Answer #4

Do I think Jesus would have been attractive? I dont know if he would have been physically attractive - I dont think he really would have been someone that would have stood out as particularly attractive, but I think when someone has a lovely personality it shows in their appearance, so I think he would have been attractive in that sense.

Answer #5

I would think he’s attractive. If not by looks (since there’s no picture of him) his peronality would of been very sweet and sexy.

Answer #6

im personally not attracted to men so I would say no

Answer #7

Sorry to have fallen of the grid here lately…really busy with work. What an interesting question. Most likely not “drop dead handsome”…wouldn’t do to have women lusting over his physical appearance. (Shroud of Turin?) Of course we don’t know for sure if the shroud is real, but evidence seems to be growing in that direction.

Answer #8

The Bible says Jesus was very plain looking. Jesus was like human kind-plain.

Answer #9

yes of cos

Answer #10

No actually there is averse that says jesus was not appealing to man in a wordly way (aka. Sex drive) or somethin like that.

Answer #11

Nope the bible said he wasn’t really attractive. If he was attractive, people would be more focused on his looks than his preaching.

He grew up like small plant before the Lord, like a root growing in a dry land. He had no special beauty or form to make us notice him; there was nothing in his appearance to make us desire him. Isaiah 53:2.

Answer #12

your answer is in the word: Isaiah 53:2 :0)

Answer #13

read Song of Solomon. It describes Him

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