Is this what peace really means to Israel?

Israel insist on closing gaza’s borders, yesterday gaza’s main power plant shut down,so they are living in darkness now , the hospitals have only drugs and supplies for two more days only, and they are just performing emergency treatment ,that means that people with serious injuries will die without a decent surgery, and israel refused to reopen the borders at least to humanitarian supplies and fuel deliveries, also has stopped U.N aid shipments that include food and supplies, people all over the Arabian countries are arranging demonstrations demanding closing the israelian empassy in every country, God bless palestinians, and their courage to defend their lands against the israelian injustice, and I guess now we all know what peace really means to israel…

Answer #1

What’s the question ??

Answer #2

thx for the other point of view windwalker ,I guess you’re jewish, cause you’ve taken my words as a message of hate, but what you didn’t notice is that I’ve talked about israel, and especially the government and the army, not the jews, no one hate the jews or israelian people cause iam sure they want to live in peace, we hate all the injustice we are seeing everyday at the media ,and I can tell from your words that we see different things,all you see is palestinians bombing theirselves, and your media meant with that to show you that arab are terrorists, but I see children dead every where, I actually saw once an israelian soldier holding a body of a baby after cutting her head and showing it to the camera with a smile on his face…etc, and she was 4 months by the way so I don’t think she was holding a stone in her hands to fight, I’ve readed last week in a newspaper a confessions of an israelian soldier who quit the army after getting sick of what they are doing to innocent people , he’ve talked about orders to kill children and bombing houses late at night for no reason but to terrify the people, and also about a jewish religious group that disagree with what is happening in israel and actually they refuse to go to live in israel, those I respect, I hope you don’t take my words personally finally everyone have a point of view and I hope you respect it as I’ve respected yours, and sure you are welcomed to chat again not about hate cause I don’t know it but about peace,and I hope we can be friends, wish you and all the world love and peace.

Answer #3

Hello you seem like a nice person So please don’t get mad at me ? But have you notice that every time Israel made a pack or agreement with Palestinian that Palestinian would break it ? and also why dose the Palestinians government allow people like Hamas, to keep bring rockets in there country to be used to fire on Israel and this last thing I really don’t understand - why dose the government pay the parents or other people related to Human bombers that blow them selfs up on bus’s or in market places ? I’m surprised Isreal keeps opening back up there boders and letting more people in the country when they know there will be sooner or later one of those coming into the country to do one thing and one thing only kill more jews? funny never here about jews sending suicide bombers into isreal? Then again I don’t know who’s right whos wrong? or why the whole middle east hates isreal so much ? what did the jews ever do to anyone that would make those country’s around them hate them so much ? did they attack each one of these country’s killing large numbers or something ? sort of remember something called the 7day war or something like that? why ??
me I know people I dont care for but I say these people have right to be leave the way they want to and they have a right live anyway that seems right to them and they have a right to disagree with me and if they are willing to hear my opinion then I’m willing listen to there’s …and even if my worst enemy was broke down on the road side I would still stop and offer any help I could and say tomorrow we will fight today well just get you back on the road! old saying -

“For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, “If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven.” Such is the Rule of Honor”

and now adays there is no Honor among men! and men teach the children to hate others because they them selfs do ..don’t seem right to me ..the hate never dies just pass to the next generation! Hope you and me can still be friends and share ideas and what we each think is right? and Yes I do think it was wrong to stop the basic humanitarian supplies! I look forward to chatting again with you and I hope not all conversions are about Hate:) Take Care and peace be with you

Answer #4

Hello again Sweet Lady :) Nope not jewish! don’t even think at the moment that I know any Jewish people? And true you do have a point of view And Do understand where you are coming from! Guess as of lately just seems everyone is kicking them (at least some of the people I have been talking with) Sorry I didn’t pay closer attention to what you where saying! And love to be friends with ya … I’m one of those “just because we disagree dose not mean I don’t like you Types” A lot of my friends don’t be leave in god and I do! but I love them for the person and respect I have for them :) So looking forward to seeing you again and saying HI :)

Answer #5

I agree that Israel’s actions went overboard, but the reason they sealed off the Gaza border and ordered airstrikes in Gaza was because there were over a dozen rocket attacks by Hamas, one of which apparently hit a day care center although it caused no deaths. Both sides are prone to knee-jerk responses in this war.

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