Is weed worse than alcohol??

Is weed worse than alcohol? Now I havent drank much but when I have there has always been some sort of a physical altercation, but I’ve been high countless times and not once has there been a fight. Also if you say “oh weed is really addictive!” You can get addicted to alcohol just as easy as weed and same with ciggerates yet its still legal, you can get adicted to gambling. Some people will so “you can abuse pot” you can abuse cheeseburgers but thats legal.. I know dozens of people that have have a drunken abusive parent, Yet I know more parens that smoke weed and dont abuse there children. If you think about it alcohol is a drug like weed.

The only reason weed is illegal is because the partnership for a drug free america is funded by alcohol compainies. Also weed comes from the fiber hemp which was big back around 100 years ago but really stopped being a main fiber because they used to use slavery to make the hemp into pulp and workable material but once slavery was aboloished it cost to much to make. but in 1935 the decorticater was invented with made making hemp much easier.

But there was a rich man that owned a lot of paper mills knew that switching to hemp would cost him millions so he started printing about a new drug named marijuana (which was what they used to call a mexican tobacco plant) and how he got it illegal was they said blacks and mexicans were smoking it and raping white women. so congress outlawed it also unknowingly make hemp illegal.

So should weed be legal?

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if you want to give me a lecture please dont I know what it does. also alcohol users are more likely to go on to be abusive parents as opposed to weed. Im not here to try to legalize weed im just stating some facts about why weed is better, its my oppinion but you have to consider the facts.

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Alcohol is a dangerous drug. You can get addicted to it. It can do serious harm to your brain and your liver if you use it excessively. It makes you lose control and do dangerous things when you’r under influence. If you have the wrong genes abuse of it might also trigger severe psychic diseases, such as depression or paranoia.

Weed is a dangerous drug. It’s actually not as addictive as alcohol but it’s still addictive. It can do serious harm to your brain - especially in your youth in periods of growth - and to your lung if you smoke it. It also makes you lose control and do dangerous things when you are under influence. And if you have the wrong genes, it might trigger severe psychic diseases such as schizophrenia or paranoia.

Both drugs are relatively harmless if an adult person with no susceptibility to psychic diseases consumes them irregularly and carefully.

The difference between the 2 drugs is democracy. We’re a democracy. The majority of people want alcohol to be legal and weed to be illegal. And in democracies, the majorities make the rules.

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lol. So this isnt really a question, you’re just trying to advocate for weed?

Actually it depends on how you use the word worse. It is an illegal substance, at least in the U.S. Therefore the legal punishment is something to take into consideration (I am not debating whether it is right or not, just what it is…). As for health wise, again this depends on how you look at it. Even moderate use is likely to increase your risk for lung cancer etc. However, alcohol is a LOT more addictive. The physical dependency is high with alcohol. And alcohol abuse and dependence is a lot more problematic, both health wise and probably in other ways. Alcohol abuse probably costs society more in the way of car accidents, rehab, lost work etc. I mean if you total it all up, alcohol is a lot worse for the body and for society than weed. Regardless. You are underage, and shouldnt be doing either.

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  • physically and emotionally addictive

  • destructive to brain cells

  • destructive to liver

  • destructive to digestive tract

  • increased risk of diabetes

  • increases risk of cancer

  • very small amounts have been shown to reduce risk of heart disease


  • mildly physically addictive (yes, long term users DO go through withdrawal) and emotionally addictive

  • alters brain chemistry in harmful ways (similar to depression)

  • if smoked, greatly increases risks of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease

  • increased risk of heart attack

  • illegal

  • provides some temporary relief for chronic ailments

Although I believe both should be legal, it is foolish to use either.

Answer #5

yo bruh im on yo side if ben high so damn much and the worse that happened to me was I was chased by mike myers and a monkey made me a cheeseburger with his tail because his feet was dirty lol thats besides the point. alcohol (spelled wrong) is worse because it makes you angry depressed and shiet weed gives you that fawk it where you culd be depressed and you take a hit and suddenly you don’t care and your relaxed. s and this was all writeing while bein stoned off my azz haha

Answer #6

Looks like you have really done your homework on weed. If you look at the history sure it doesn’t look all that bad but then people starting finding out what it does to you, ok sure Alcohol does all this crazy stuff to people. Do we really need another substance like that legalized? People that smoke week now a days aren’t in a good crowed beacuse of how they got into the drug and who there with most the time (There are quite a few exeptions). To to answer your question rather than your arugement I’d have to say no. If you Plus delta them There about the same depending on the moderation people can use them in.

Answer #7

Depending on your bloodline it varies. You can drink alcohol for a year, put it down like that. Then again you might crave for it the rest of your life. It’s all depending on your traits. If your family has a increased rate of lung cancer, chances are if you smoke you’ll get lung cancer.

Regardless if you drink/smoke it’s the law. Most people wont follow most laws, I mean we’ve all broken the law once right? Doesn’t make it right though.

Anyways, I think weed shouldn’t be legalized because it does have a bit of effects on peoples lives. But in moderation I guess it’d be fine.

Answer #8

my only issue with pot is that it IS illegal. I do not think it should be legal, but instead b talerated, like in Amsterdam, Germany. Many people think it is legal there, but it infact IS illegal. but it is talerated as long as you smoke it in the bars or hotels. I have never smoked pot because it is illegal, and my dad is a cop, soit wouldnt b a good idea for me to do it. but if it were TALERATED here, I probley WOULD smoke it.

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it doesnt make any sense to me that alcohol is legal when it impairs your judgment, health, and ability to act normal worse than weed does, and it affects your health much more severely. I wish weed was legal! ;)

Answer #10

Why weed became illegal is irrelevant. It is illegal. That’s a law. Alcohol, cigarettes, gambling have 3 things in common. There is a minimum age of the person required to buy them or enter the establishment. Whether you care about your young brain cells and choose to give yourself a fighting chance in life is a choice only you can make now. Using drugs and drinking whether illegal or not at your age is a very unwise choice. Give your brain’s nerve connections time to fully form before you pollute and destroy them. Then you can make a clear choice to complicate your life with stupid decisions as to what you destroy your one and only body with.

Answer #11

Weed freakn ROX & I dont think it shuld be illegal. hay I’m high, writin thiz, & still maintain a b average WooHoo!!!

Answer #12

If you’re hoping for some people who agree… I’m one of them. You make a strong argument.

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