Legal Weed.

Do you think legalizing Marijuana will solve many of America’s drug problems?

Not for everybody, of course. Legalize it and apply rules to it like cigarettes.

Rules such as: 18+ (in US) 21 (in Japan) Only allowed to smoke in certain areas.

What are your thoughts?

Answer #1

Amsterdam it’s legal and they don’t have any problems..hardly anyone who lives there smokes it. In the Aussie state I live in you’re allowed to grow one plant for personal use..and I only know one person who grows it.

Answer #2

I dont care much about it either… went down that road along time ago… and don’t intend to repeat my mistake well… until they come up with a weed breathalizer and legalize it :)

thanx for the question… it got me thinkin about things I havent had on my mind in a long time :)

good luck

Answer #3

I’m not advocating or promoting the actual legalization of this drug, nor am I a user (I haven’t ever practiced using this drug. I’ve been around plenty who have, but never done it myself).

This is just a general question.

Sometimes I just like hearing people’s thoughts. 8D

Answer #4

Technically nicotine IS a drug. If cigarettes are addictive, then why aren’t they illegal?

Answer #5

you’re crazy if you think nicotine doesn’t get you high

Answer #6

I do think so. I mean I heard that holland has very few problems with drug addiction and other stuff and I mean weed is legal there. but I do agree with you age restrictions should be applied strictly. and I have never smoked it just by the way. don’t plan on ever.

Answer #7

they can’t legalize pot like cigarettes because nicotine don’t get you high… however, if they had a way to regulate it… say, a weed breathalizer that could let them know how intoxicated someone was in the event that they are pulled over and could be given the equivalent of a DUI then they’d probably legalize it… but it’s going to be a no go probably for a long time til it can be regulated… so, invent a weed breathalizer and pass the blunt my friend :)

good luck…

Answer #8

sure nicotine is a drug and I guess it gets you high if it’s been awhile since you had a cigarette… but come on yall compare whatever little bitty high you might get from nicotine to what you get from alcohol or weed… I mean there’s no comparison… and as bad as it is for the body by the time you take that it is addictive and the tar etc it’s still nothing in comparison as to what alcohol or weed CAN do to the body… weed has some terrible effects on the brain AND carries all the negative effects of smoking accept that THC is MUCH more addictive than nicotine (not physically addictive, meaning you’re not going to have withdrawals like from alcohol or harder drugs, but it’s still very habit forming) and alcohol we all know has a LONG list of body functions it will inhibit or completely destroy and plus cigarette companies are worth billions and billions… how many weed distributors have you ever seen worth enough money to control politicians???

Answer #9

no because when your under the high off of weed or drinking some people do some wired shyte like you ever seen that commercial when this guys were getting high and they want to a drive thru a little girl was on her bike and without the man paying attention he just hit the little girl and killed her and that’s what weed can do to you so no…

Answer #10

naw that wuldnt b that good if it was legalized… ther would b a buut load of addicition problems

Answer #11

First of all, weed has never actually made someone do that. That’s completely ridiculous. The fact that its a commercial should’ve just shown you that this is NOT what you do. As a weed user, I am not addicted nor have I ever done something stupid while under the influence. Weed isn’t something that will is completely mind altering while you’re on it. And that commercial should’ve been a “dont’ drink and drive” advertisment.

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