Alcohol vs. Pot. Why is one legal?

Both Alcohol and Marijuana are intoxicants, however one is legal and the other is not. Why is that?

Alcohol is more addictive, kills brain cells, and invokes violent behavior, while ultimately screwing you up.

Marijuana is a mild psychadelic drug, that changes perspective, is not as addictive, and is harmful to the lungs (but so is smoking cigarettes which are legal)

If both are intoxicants, why is marijuana illegal, especially since it is not addictive (or for you who beleve it is, it is less, and I mean much less addictive than alcohol).

Some people argue that Marijuana’s only use is to get high, however that is what alcohol’s only use it. If you take one hit of Marijuana, you are not going to get high, however you will feel different, more out going, more calm, or more laid back.

This is the same for one drink of Alcohol. You will feel more out going, more calm or more laid back. However stoning happens when you have a lot of pot, and being drunk happens when you have a lot of alcohol. Hence, arguing that marijuana’s only use is for people to get high, is irrational, stupid and incritical, because alcohol and marijuana CAN be treated the same way, as well as USED the same way.

Some say that marijuana makes people stupid, however this is not true. No studies have shown any loss of IQ or intellegence from smoking pot, nor have they seen any brain damage, unlike alcohol, which clearly damages the brain. The clear side effects of marijuana use are short term memory loss, which goes away after a while, and a loss of motivation. (and personally I know several 4.0 college students that smoke pot.)

So I want to know why is one more legal. The above information is true, so I dont want ot hear any arguments to the contrary.


Answer #1

alcohol has been around for thousands of years and was widely used

marijuana or any drug where only used is special ceremonies in SOME cultures

so alcohol which has been around and everyone has known and loved it since the cavemen… or weed which hasnt been extremely popular till modern time

Answer #2

I love how you say there is no evidence that cannabis is harmful. There is plenty. Try for just one example. You have to pay to read the full article unless you go to a univerity that has a subscription but basically it talks about adverse affects on repiratory systems, cardiovascular systems, psycosocial development and mental health. And yes, alcohol is bad for you too but why does that mean cannabis should be legal? Wouldnt it make more sense to make both illegal?

Answer #3

marijuana is illegal because its role as a “gateway drug”. it is said that people who smoke weed are more often to try other harder drugs. that is the only argument I have for you, I am all for making weed legal. and dude above me ^^^ please don’t call it Pot it sounds gay

Answer #4

legalizing it does not make it healthy. I have friends who are pot heads. Ya pot makes them mellow, (too mellow) but wwhen they are not high they are f%ckin a$$ holes.

Answer #5

I love how the gate way drug theroy was used, and this idiot above me thinks that pot is more harmfull than achole (I cant spell) and cigs are about the worst dam think on the palnet. if you really wont to know why pot it illegale, I will tell u, there are 2 reasons 1) rasism. yes, back during the mexican revoulition the natives fleeing mexico were bringing pot with them. the texans wanted to stop them form immigrating to the U.S so they started a smear campaine aginst pot to keep the mexicans over on there side of the border

  1. greed. this is the main reason the pot was made illegale all over the U.S. I will explain. ok the Cannibus plant can be used to make paper, rope,cloths, and a lot of other stuff. this scared the heel out of the owners of lumber compines because Cannibus growers quicker, easier, and is easier to handle. so they started the Biggest campain to trick the U.S public in to think that weed is evil. if you want to see there biggest lie, then watch an old movie called Reffer madness.

there are so many reasons why marijuana. should be leagel, such as medical reasons, the fact that it is the least harmfull drug on the planet. but the biggest reason is because WE ARE HUMANS, AND OUR GOVERMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO TELL US WHAT WE CAN AND CANT PUT INTO OUR OWN BODIES. IT IS OUR RIGHT TO USE marijuana. IF WE WANT TO, IT EFFECTES NO ONE BUT US, AND ANYONE THAT WANTS TO DISPUTE THIS, JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE. I WILL GLADLY SCHOOL U

Answer #6

lmao, I hear ya but I don’t know. I think they both should be legal to be honest. let people make their own decisions for god’s sake. I personally don’t do either but if you ask me I would rather hang around with my marijuana smoking friends than the ones that get freaking drunk every weekend. also I would like to add that a cigarette is actually more harmful than a normal joint, I don’t know the specifics but I remember reading about it somewhere, you should look into that.

Answer #7

to answer your question, there is no good reason…

Answer #8

O.K. weeed! there.

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