1,470 calories too much for one day?

is 1,470 calories too much for one day?

Answer #1

no im a fitness instructer and for a man its 2500 or maybe even 3000 for a women its 2000 but to loose weight you need to reduce calorie intake look on the back of food packs they usually say the daily recomended amount!

Answer #2

If you’re a woman, it is probably a little under what you need, if you do vigorous exercise then you should have around 2000 If you’re a man, it is far too little, men need 2000-2,500 each day to be healthy.

Answer #3

nope…2000 to 2500 is normal depending on your age and exercise routine. I would say eat a bit more actually to make sure you’re getting the recommended amount perf day…also you have to give your body energy to burn off of as well…just keep that in mind, okay?

Answer #4

No that’s not too much.People are suppose to have 2000 calorie a day.

Answer #5

No it’s not much. The reccommended amount of calories a day is 2000 I think.

Answer #6

no, if anything you need to up your daily calorie intake!

Answer #7

I think its much

Answer #8

nope it is not much , I eat 500 a day though

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