How much calories should an average 15 year old have a day?

How much calories Should an average 15 yr. Old consume a day? And whats the ideal weight for a 15 year old?

Answer #1

the average 15 year old shouldnt be worrying about how many calories they eat in a day but so many people do now days… dont cut things out of your diet, when you do that you become weaker not kinnier, there a lot of foods that have certain protiens and things that your body needs to be healthy, without them youll screw it up in no time

Answer #2

probs 2000 calories :D its not just calories that matter though she should thing about fat and sugar/salt level too :D

Answer #3

1500-2000 calories a day…

as for the weight it depends on your height…I wud check your bmi by googling bmi! =]

Answer #4

15 yr old Girls is 2000-2500 15 yr old Guys is like 3000

Answer #5

it depends on your height and gender.

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