Is my house really haunted?

Is my house haunted? I have heard things being hrown around andthings banging against my door so I opend it and there is nothing on the other side…there are lots of times when I get cold spots in my house.. I have heard my name called..I have heard hissing my animals act strangly star strangly at certain spots I have sen stuff in my house an they dissapear right after and I have felt liek I have been touched by a hand…and I have felt like someone passed me…and I have had drafts come out of no where. and im home alone all the time so no ones home with me so I dont know how this is all possible…is my house really haunted?

Answer #1

yes I would call the priest or spring a line of salt any kind of salt, from one side of the door frame to the other side in a straight line, do this in front of each door and window. (Leave the front door open no salt) then stand at the side of the door and comand them “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave. You are dead and need to go to the light! You have no right here, I command you ot leave this house and property forever in the name of Jesus Christ..” Say those words in a commanding strong voice then stand back and you might here or see things as they pass you to leave…then wait until you feel they are gone and close the door and put salt in front of the door like you did for the others…

It worked for someone else who has a lot of ghost in the house…he slept better and felt at peace…try it, it is worth a try for a piece of mind…call a priest like I did and he will come and pray in your house and have them bless you house…

Answer #2

No I don’t believe in ghosts. I believe that we have good imaginations and people want answers to questions (what was that noise, who made that sound,why is the dog barking), and when we don’t get an answer, we invoke magical thinking. Houses creak and groan as they cool down for tha night, animals have sharper senses and can hear mice in the walls, winds blow and create drafts unexpectedly, insulation in the walls/floor is thinner in some spots, etc. I feel that’s what is happening.

Good Luck !!

Answer #3

Sounds haunted to me. I’ve had some experiences too. This kind of thing has a tendacy to make non-believers into believers. Many things are not believable till you experience it yourself. Don’t worry though unless things get really crazy. Maybe violent. Just ignore if you can. Though there could come a day when you just HAVE TO GO and let the ghost have the dang house. Spooky I know. But there are things around us everyday that we may not see. It’s life.

Answer #4

Call the Ghostbusters.

Answer #5

Well,your house may be haunted.Dont think too much.Sometimes its only your thinking.If you’re scare,tell your family member about this.Everything will be fine ok?

Answer #6

Call the ghost hunters or a priest with that kind of experience.

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