I think my house is haunted...Please Help!

I really believe that my house is haunted. A few people have died in this house (no violent deaths or anything like that). I reason I believe this is because sometimes when im alone in my room, I feel like there’s somebody standing in my doorway just staring at me and sometimes I can actually feel them come into the room. Then there’s the common haunted house things that go on. Like footsteps coming down the attic stairs in the middle of the night, noises of things falling or cabinets opening and closing and when you go to investigate, it appears that nothing has been moved or touched. It’s really starting to freak me out. I was taking pictures of my daughter and my sons at Christmas time and in some of the pictures, there is an orb. It’s in a different spot in the picture every time so I knew it wasn’t anything on my camera lens. Please help me figure out whats going on…

Answer #1

If there really is supernatural activity in the house, locate some Christians that are not afraid, and ask them to come and pray thruout the house, commanding the spirits to leave. They will…

Answer #2

I belive in ghosts. I really do cause my brother has actually seen ghosts.. So if the house is haunted then move. I think the best thing to do is to move ..

Answer #3

Your probly paranoid. This is common. A lot of people feel people watching them. Many houses creek and move slightly. New ones to settle and old ones with wind and humidity. The camera thing could be water spots, reflections, ect…

Answer #4

No, your house isn’t haunted. It’s creaky, and humans are good (too good) at recognising patterns - something called ‘paraedolia’ kicks in - we recognise patterns in things that are actually random.

The ‘orbs’ in the photos have a perfectly ordinary explanation: A particle of dust happened to be near the camera lens when you took the photo, and the flash reflected off it. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orb_(photographic)

Answer #5

What I’m actually scared about the most is I have a 1 year old daughter and I don’t want it messing with her.

Answer #6

That must be pretty scary having to deal with that.

I don’t know There must be some reason they would still be there or a reason “there” not leaving.. ?? I don’t know.

Answer #7

the other lady who used to live there moved 2 apartments down, and she also said sometimes she’d see the little girl and feel like if the little girl were watching her every move and always seemed to be around.

Answer #8

MOVE, I’ve’e been in that situation, and it’s changed me, I used to not believe in ghosts but you can’t tell a girl that if she actually lives in a house with them, unless their friendly, one of my friends has a family house that his family built by hand, and he says he sometimes see’s his ancestors, but their nice to him, they actually do clean the house and do some of the chores, apparently they can learn to do that if they try really hard, but for a little kid that would be scary even if the ghosts were friendly.

Answer #9

You house is not haunted, and there are no ghosts. Jester is right, it is paranoia, and your mind playing tricks on you. If it is causing you a lot of anxiety, you might want to speak to a therapist.

Answer #10

My home built in the 1930s was haunted. Serious. we have old people, and little kids. I first felt the old people when I was alone as a kid.. they were laughing. No it was not neighbors or anything. freaky. The kids would run and laugh. They were harmless - all of them, That house had lots of history. The old men were from the heyday of Los Angeles jazz era I have to believe. That kinda talk and singing. We got used to it… people used to come over - say “who’s that laughing/ singing/ running?” we would just smile…

You need to have a serious conversation with them. Call them out. Tell them you are willing to share. To not haunt the baby. To do no harm, you can co-exist. Its hard to get a Catholic preist to do an exorsism as they have to get permission to call it as such. Its best to just live in harmony.

If they cause harm, you will have to demand them that they go. Plain and simple. Bless the house and send them out to the world they belong in, in the name of God.

Answer #11

tehe do like an excorcism thing or w/e

Answer #12

when you get scared think of good stuff . and try to ignore it . it may be all in your mind ,that has happend to me .

Answer #13

it could be two things

either you are bieng haunted yourself by a passed loved one or the hause is haunted

or you may be starting to develop symptoms for schytsophrenia

Answer #14

If you still have this problem try:

In the name the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I command you to go rest. To go where you should be.

Place a claim with your voice on Father, Son and Holy Spririt, like a sing song…

If they feel you doubt it working it wont work. You have to belief. Remeber - because you are living and they not - you are actually stronger.

Good luck

Answer #15

It would be impossible for me to move out of here. I just can’t afford it. The house that I live in is an extension of my grandma’s house. My grandma has Alzhiemers and I have to take care of her. I mean, when I feel them, I don’t feel threatened or anything like that. It seems like they just want to let me know that they are here. Does anyone know if the orbs that I caught in the pic that I attached is really a ghost? Are orbs even ghosts at all? the orb is behind my daughter next to the couch

Answer #16

It’s happened, thank god I moved my mom moved, in my old appartment there was this like little square box hidden on the roof, but it freaked me out. It was in my moms bathroom but there seemed to be bullet holes in the walls and sometimes at night I would hear singing or screaming coming from the room, like the sounds of a little girl. Then sometimes if you could actually see the reflection of a little girl screaming for help in the miror. The water would sometimes randomly turn on and off and it creeped the sh*t out of me. I was so scared of going in there, although sometimes I had to, and I think that box is screwed in covering the roof for a reason, like there’s the body up there or something. I never really told anyone about it though, but I am so happy I don’t live there anymore.

Answer #17

I know that its not all in my head because my friend and her boyfriend stay with me and they experience the same things that I do.

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