If I said my house was haunted...

Well, I’m not kidding!

Lately things have been showing up on the floor, totally shattered (or disappearing)! Like plates, bowls, glasses, jewellry and other things! I KNOW the dogs and cats aren’t doing it!

I’ll hear someone coming up the steps and NO ONE’S THERE!

And, Summer or not, it’s bitter cold!!!

This morning, however, was the oddest incident so far. I was rinsing out the shampoo in the shower and my back started to sting and burn. REALLY badly! So, I look back in the mirror and there’s this HUGE slash mark across my back!

But the thing is, it ALWAYS happens when my grandfather’s not around. So, if I told him, he’d think I’m nuts or on drugs!

To cut to the chase- I don’t know if I should tell him. Look, if I do he’ll take me to the hospital or something because honestly, why would he believe me?! So, should I tell him I think the house is haunted or not? And if so…HOW should I tell him?


Answer #1

well you can also call one of those tv shows that looks 4 ghosts like: http://www.aetv.com/paranormal-state/index.jsp

Answer #2

ok, well did you like the advie I gave you, or not good enough. honestly.

Answer #3

umm. it wasnt just a scratch it looked like someone took a friggin chainsaw and skimmed it across my back! o_O

Answer #4


I hope this website helps. I watch ALOTTA paranormal shows, so if you have questions, fun mail me. AND try not to be scared..

Answer #5

umm, thanks? But it’s far from a joke. I don’t want it to get worse! If something happens to my pets…my God I couldn’t imagine! =’(

Answer #6

yea, I’ve SEEN things too, but more so within the last few weeks for some odd reason. I don’t think they’re “good” but I also don’t know what’s causing them to act up so much…? Like, my dogs will start growling all of a sudden so I know my grandfather doesn’t actually see them. He’s just like “oookay. That’s odd!”

Answer #7

lol, guys I don’t even say “grandpa” I just…talk. Grandpa is such a childish word.. Meh. Well, I’m sitting here on a saturday and all the rest of my family is out doing something. I’m just sitting here, no surprise. So, I’l have to WAIT until later to tell him. Thanks everyone for your advice! I’ll see how it goes…

Answer #8

dont say that to him, since you said he would do that , then dont tell him. just ask him to be around all the time. and if he says why then say beacuse I like haveing you around, and and say if you go ill miss you. so then he would be around a lot more, and then that will give you the chance to cool down. DONT TELL HIM THOUGH!!! k?

Answer #9

aww yerr I notice my cat meows at different rooms and he wont enter them, then I see his head moving as if he is following something that I cant see, because its not as if I see them all the time, I believe you though dont worry :)

Answer #10

Your grandfather really does know the place is haunted, he just does’nt want to tell you because he doe’snt want everyone to know, he has a earthbound who has refused to cross over to the other side, they choose to remain bound to the earth plane, the basic reason is they do not believe they are dead, or sometimes fear is blocked from their reality, if an earthbound is present we attempt to talk with them, most times such a person is happy to have someone to speak to them, and they do not know why everyone ignores them, try convincing the person they have died, then tell them to look for the blue-white light of the tunnel home, and that their loved ones are waiting to see them.

Answer #11

ok. start the subject by saying, grandpa what would you do if the house was haunted. . then after he says what evr he says, say ‘’ well I thnk it is haunted because [ say everything you said here to him about how it was haunted}. then before he could talk make sure that he is not thinking you want attention, then say. what do you thnk it is. listen to what he says and maybe whta he says is trus. and the slash on your back, well its nothing, I always find scratche all over my body, my doc said its because I scratch myself. o and if your grandpa believes you. then say what should we do.? o and by the way nontaken.

Answer #12

well I know my house is haunted and when I told my mom I was thinking the same as you but she was fine she told me to explain more and she now believes its haunted aswell, but when I say haunted I dont mean like its all scary and everything because I know the spirits in my house arent there to hurt me as I have seen them and they were including my dead nan and uncle and im not afraid no more because I know they wont let nothing bad happen to me, and the bit about telling your grandad say something like this,

grandad I know you may not believe me but I understand if you dont because if I was you listening to me I wouldnt believe what is going to come out of my mouth, but everything I say is the truth and it is scaring me so I need to tell you,,, then carry on from there saying about from the first time ou have noticed this and that. hope this helped :)

Answer #13

I know its not a joke, but if he thinks your crazy, then say that, keep your pets in your sight 24 /7 . im trying to help you, this is a hard question, I want to be a phsyciatrist one day[ if I know how to spell it first] and im trying g to help you get through your problem, because your problem is my problem, im going to be thinking all day about this, and I wont stop thinking about it unless I satisfy you. so I think you should show him the scar on your back, and that will be proof enough. im still thinking though, im not going to drop the subject giving you an answer like this, I am thinking, still. just reply to what I said again, and ill keep answering you.

Answer #14

Honestly I don’t know how you could tell him. Maybe say “hey grandpa, the oddest thing happened yesterday…” If he seems receptive then tell him about more things that have happened. If you break it down to just one thing then maybe you won’t sound as crazy (by the way I don’t think you’re crazy…when I was in the shower once it felt like someone punched my back…my oven door opened and shut in front of me…and my German Shepherd used to bark and growl at the wall…baby toys used to go off and on as well as the television and radio).

Good luck

Answer #15

well, no offense, but I don’t just sit here 24/7! And in addition, I’ll be out of town for a week! And the scar isn’t proof, he’ll make up some story that I’m looking for attention! He can come to odd conclusions about things, twist it around to make me sound crazy. He DOES believe in the paranormal, but I think maybe he would refuse to believe it exists in HIS house! It’s worth a try…but I just needed help as to HOW I would tell him. I can’t just be like… “oh BTW I think the house is haunted…”

Answer #16

ummm, a few problems with your suggestion, edgeworth..

  1. personally, I DON’T want him hangin’ around. He’s totally entitled to hang around his own house, but…
  2. he doesn’t see/hear the same stuff I do. I’ll be like…”OMG you hear that?” and he’s like “nope..?” and I’m just act like nothing happened.
  3. he wouldn’t ACTUALLY take me to the hospital, but he’d think I’m nuts. I don’t give a hoot what others think about me, but I DON’T want him “watching” me because he thinks I’m crazy!
Answer #17

tell him the house is haunted, tell him everything , he wont beieve you obviously , then you are going to try to rove it to him, try ok. then if he still doesnt believe you and he thinks you are crazy then say, GRANDPA whats wrong with you I was obviously joking. you dont know how to take a joke. and then after.. well let me think but in the meantime, answer me, agan if there is another problem. k??

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