My house is haunted please help

My house is haunted. I see spirits whereever I go. My family can never see them I don’t know why. Thhey just never notice them they only appear when I’m around. 1 of the spirit is trying 2 help me so she tells me what happened and she got killed. She is used to be a white figure but then she showed me her face she was wearing a fancy dress from along time ago. Her husband or brother or some dude close to her’s always in the bathroom or bath tub. 2day I got in the shower when the water hit my feet it felt like knives digging in my skin. Then I moved my feet and it stopped hurting. Then the spirits we’re walking and crying, yelling all night long so I didn’t get much sleep that night. I’ve been seeing spirits since I was 7. I’m now 14 bout 2 be fifteen in december. What should I do is it a gift or something because most of the time my freams come true so what should I do please help

Answer #1

Well Sometimes that can be true! But sometimes is something that is in our minds. And don’t worry it happens to everybody but like the obove I would get someone that you really trust to help you put whit this and also to just talk to!


Answer #2

woah, You sure your not seeing things? I’d get therapy. or really havee a talk witt yur mom, so she could get someone to help.

Answer #3

if you have seen spirts for a long time and have been able to make conact with them its probley not a problem its a gift. Even if you think it is a dark curse on you its not, its just what you see in front of you. Help them move on to the next life in heven by telling them what is going on, light a candel to help them see. When you are having trouble with this ask god to help you and to give you the strenght and knowledge.

Answer #4

thats interesting too. I believe I’ve seen a ghost before. white figure, right? hmmm I would do as much research as I culd on spirits and the undead type of thing. find out as much information as you can. try to uncover the story behind these spirits and maybe they can rest in peace. and im not sure if you have a gift or not, maybe your family just doesnt pay any attention to that sort of thing. im only about a year younger than you sooo…this is the best I can think of to help. I hope I kinda did. good luck :)

Answer #5

I;m onot seeing things I could hear footsteps in my home doors open when I’m home alone

Answer #6

Hey I feel for you, I used to see spirits too when I was 14… sigh it seems like so long ago, well not really I’m only 18.

I’m just happy that these spirits don’t seem too hostile (apart from the foot stabbing thing) but that’s not always the case. I decided I wanted to stop seeing spirits when the spirits started getting too close to me and even touched me and I’d end up with red hand shaped marks all over me. It was all a little too much for me.

The only way I could make it stop was praying for about a year or two for it to stop. It took me a while and it was hard, almost like a drug addiction. When I though it was getting better I’d see another one and it all got worse again, but now after 4 years I hardly see them.

It depends on what you want, but it’s a spiritual matter and if you want it to stop you’re going to need a spiritual heavy weight. For me that was God, whenever I was scared I’d pray for him to protect me and stop me seeing them.

I was told by some freaky psychic that you should try to help the spirits to move on by telling them to go towards the light, but then she proceeded to become possessed by her spirit guide and then wrote a weird poem about me having a third eye… I eventually decided against the whole psychic thing, a lot of it is fake lol. So I guess it’s all up to you which way you wanna go. Spirits or no spirits because I don’t think there’s an in between.

I wish you all the best :) I’ll be praying for your situation and that the spirits move on soon!

Jess :)

Answer #7

have you ever tried evp? maybe you could tell the ghost what to do! I dont know too much but my school is haunted and we cant stop that. it kept on moving objects and placing them somewhere else. we have seen aparations but evp worked 4 us. we talked to it when it was quiet and paranormal activity stopped for a while… but something agitated it and it began taking toilet roll when your the only person in the bathroom, switching on motion detector lights, and making chairs get closer to you evry time you look away! but these spirits seem upset… try comforting them… they might not leave but you will here and see less of them. evp is my best solution though. dont annoy them! crying is a good sign that if the ghost gets agitated it might lash out! thats my advice. please tell me if this helped/worked!

Answer #8

Its not a gift, it has one reason in mind and thats to decieve you and take you to where they belong. in hell. by trying to comunicate with it, you are giving it permission to haunt you even more. Give your life to Jesus, it will no longer have any power over you. Then ask Jesus to take care of you and rid this demon. If you like, you can contact me and I will help you.

Answer #9

WHere are you located at?

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