haunted house

ok I have a few questions… first off is there any way too get the history of your house… we know my house is at leas 80 years old.. but I want too know if there is a way too get the exact build date??? this house was a rental house before we bought it… we know nothing of the history… but my moms has two friends who used too live in this house and they claim on seperate ocasions that they have seen a short older man in overalls and a plad shirt… im not someone that is “scared” of ghosts I have always been interested in them… and I was wondering if there was a way too try too prove it is or is not haunted…

(along with the story of the old man… they both claimed it was seen in my room and it just stood there didnt move or anything didnt even look directly at them so it seems as if it is a “nice” spirit… and there was also a time when one of the friends was watching a movie in the living room and the lights dimmed and got brighter.. the lights are on a rotating dimmer switch and they ran over there and it was moving on its own… not so friendly lol…)

but if anyone has any advice or anything it would be greatly appreciated… and please no posts on ghost are fake… I personnaly dont want to waste yours and my time.. thanks again

Answer #1

you can go to your local courthouse and maybe find the original deed. also your local library should have records going back quite a ways- maybe old newspapers on micro fish.

talking to some of the older folks in your town might shed some light as well, and I am sure they would enjoy some company too- a possible win win situation.

Answer #2

what baldwolf say & you can go on any searc hengine & I’m sure you’ld find something.

Answer #3

The county courthouse will have the deed record as far back as the formation of your county - which is probably older than your house. But that will only tell you who has owned the property and the year in which it was improved (for tax purposes). It won’t tell you what ghosts haunt the house.

I can tell you that though. None. There’s no such thing as ghosts.

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