Can dead animals haunt houses?

I think my dead cat is haunting my house. I’ve had 2 animal deaths so far and they werent in my house (at vet) and last monday, I saw a black shadow dart across my room that had the figure of a cat. Yesterday, both my cats were sleeping in my parents room and no one was home and I heard paw pads tap across the floor and the sound of litter falling to the floor. I called my dead cats name and the shadow bolted across my living room. Is my cat haunting my house?

Answer #1

Well, if you think that people can haunt houses, I don’t see why animals couldn’t.

Answer #2

Spirits are spirits and souls are souls.A soul of a cat is equivalent to the soul of a human being.I have never heard about animal paranormal activities but that definitely is possible.

Answer #3

Most probably, a shy black neighbors cat or a straying cat sneaked in through the cat flap and is stealing the cat food.

Answer #4

sadly in this boring world we call reality ghosts do not exist….

if the lights were off when you saw this “shadow” then it was most likely an ordinary cat, since humans cannot distinguish color when there is no real light directly hitting the object

rotten sheep is probably correct in thinking another cat might have entered the house (could even be a Rat)

close the cat flap or window/door at night, its happened to me before when i left my door open one night a cat was trying to get in stealthily….

Answer #5

they will be less threatning than humans as with the case all animals primarily need is food especially cats, dogs im sure would protect the masters but heck im not one to beleive in this rot

Answer #6

they will be less threatning than humans as with the case all animals primarily need is food especially cats, dogs im sure would protect the masters but heck im not one to beleive in this rot

Answer #7

well, he dosent pose a threat but my dad says animals dont have souls

Answer #8

i dont have a cat flap

Answer #9

Your Mistakes:

  1. i dont have a cat flap since my cats dont go outside
  2. both my cats were in my parents room which is all the way at the end of the house
  3. nothing was in my house since i dont have a cat flap
  4. It faded away when i saw it and it was in my room….it went right through my closet door tip try to be less o a know it all when you post cuz clearly you know nothing about this
Answer #10

Dear people who think this is fake, I would NEVER make a joke or something fake about my dead pets or any ghost. And if you do not believe in ghosts, suit yourself because science is the only thing holding back plausible information about paranormal contact. I’ve had contact with other ghosts myself, so i am one to believe. I dont have cat flaps and my cats are never around when i see my dead one. my windows emit no light and my room is clean, so no shadows. Science cannot prove that ghosts arent rel because of the fact that they are. If you have no helpful information then dont bother to reply.

Answer #11

an open window might do as well. :)

Answer #12

I say no.

Answer #13

i dont have open windows, they are child proof

Answer #14

All right, then it must be the ghost of a cat haunting you house. Or a hallucination that befalls you because you believe in ghosts. (If you ask people who don’t believe in ghosts). Or maybe a magical cat that can walk through walls and comes in to steal the catfood. Either way. It’s creepy & spooky.

Answer #15

wow you were high on dr ugs….

if you saw a cat running through walls and it faded away your choices are:

psychological problems

Dr*g or alcohol Abuse

you need to go to a therapist, it might be a genetic disorder does your family have a history of such problems??? parents grand parent etc. you will need medication before it gets worse

Answer #16

How do we know religion are right

Answer #17

With all due respect, please think this thing over inside and out. I mean really think about it ok?

Answer #18

You’re blaming science? Really? Darling, it’s not science that holds such things back, it’s the dense minded ppl. Science has proven consciousness can exist outside the body so it would seem plausible that such things as ghost or what people call “paranormal” activity may exist. I’ve experienced things in which if I’ve not seen or been through myself I would not believe. If on believes in human haunting, then I don’t see why a cat haunting would be such a stretch of the imagination. Not to sound shrude, but I honestly don’t care what your father says. If humans have souls, then I believe animals do too. Just look into their eyes.

Answer #19

Ok #1 if no one was home how could you possibly confirm that your 2 other cats were sleeping in your parents room? #2 if your other cats are never around when you see your dead one it’s probably because it’s one of your other cats!! #3 why are all stories like this the same?? It was dark, it was the middle of the night etc etc…. Your eyes play tricks on you in the dark period. #4 you should probably be a little nicer to the people here offering you alternative answers to your question and accept their opinion otherwise why post a question? if your already sure of the answer? Also I think a rat sounds a heck of alot better than crazy ramblings of my dead cat must be haunting me from beyond the grave late at night when no ones around!!

Answer #20
  1. I saw them in there a minute before wasnt dark
  2. go somewhere else if your going to dis me
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