Is there another life?

So do you think there is another life form out there some where in space?

Answer #1

I believe there are other life forms on other planets. Just think about it - how can we be the only living thing on just one planet?

Answer #2

Yea,we can’t be the only ones,somewhere deep in space some other life form might be thinking about the same thing.

Answer #3

I think so - I think it’s silly to think that we are the only beings in the universe.

Answer #4

It seems like an awful waste of space otherwise…

Answer #5

we don’t know for sure yet. but the universe is so big I really don’t think we are the only life form.

Answer #6

what is the point of bilions of galaxies and planets if earth is the only life sustaining one. and the people that say the environment cannot sustain life, it actually just cannot sustain HUMAN life. We need oxygen. HOWEVER, fish need a completely different environment. they’d die on land. I’m sure there’s other organisms that live on something odd, and unheardof to us on Earth.

Answer #7

On mars they found traces of some creature. I’ve seen a person with 2 heads, so there is a universe beyond us.

Answer #8

Well we’re certainly not “alone” but that depends on your definition of a community. That community being the universe. Think of ants in your driveway, going about their tunnel business. Are they part of your community? We certainly live with them on Earth, yeah, but would you really care if you were to accidentally destroy their home?

Well that really depends on the person, but most would give an immediate and solid “no how.”

Now, think of us, Humans, on Earth as the ‘ants’ in the grand scheme of things. That grand scheme is the universe and there are some pretty big players out there. Their technology social structure would be incomprehensibly deep and twisted.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t understand a lick of it.

Their computers could be whole galaxies. Their bodies could be humongous crystal based organisms sailing through space sustaining by eating minerals in asteroids along the way. They’d commune in unfathomably complex civilizations layered in the most exotic, seemingly backwards, way.

While you may believe I might sound too confident for my own good, I’m just a preacher of our incapability to imagine, call me a realist. Do you think that people living in 5,000 B.C. could imagine a single hair of what we call ‘The World’ today? Pyramids… maybe. Not much else.

This is heavy stuff, and I couldn’t have even scratched the surface. Now, there are plenty of theories and “sightings” purporting to give a face to extra-terrestrial visitors of Earth and all I’m saying is; why would they have arms and legs like us? They evolved on a different planet didn’t they? The influence to grow limbs can’t be common consistently throughout the universe can it? Hell, my Nissan has standard cup holders.

It would be awfully plain if that were standard fare through out the universe don’t you think? Advanced sentient alien civilizations wouldn’t want to take the time to bother with us and give us undeserving knowledge just as we wouldn’t want to bother trying to teach a bunch of ants how to pick better real estate for their settlements.

We could just move the ants away if we wanted… yeah. We have the technology to do just that… why… we could even have ant farms!

Just like our alien ‘buddies’ could move us away if they wanted… to isolate us… in Human farms!?

It goes deeper.

Answer #9

I think what happened on Earth might have happened on other planets. Scientist knew they were out there, they just didn’t have the technology to see something as faint and dim as planets trillions of miles away.

Since the first exoplanet discovered, 51 Pegasi b (Bellerophon), a gas planet, tidally locked, tightly hugging it’s parent star with a 4 earth day orbit, planet formation has proven to be more common then I expected, and a bit stranger then scientists had predicted. There has been an increasing hundreds of planets discovered and known to exist with the methods used to detect them in our galaxy.

I think it’s safe to say that more of them are gas giants, and inhabitual. Though it was initially thought that gas giants couldn’t exist as close to their stars as the planets that have been discovered. Maybe some gas giants might be able to host life, even if it’s just in microbial level.

There’s all types of planets out there. I think life on Earth has proven itself flexible. I’m sure somewhere out there other planets have produced other life forms, and maybe other perilous places have produced beings more intelligent then ourselves. But of course there are factors involved based on if abiogenesis is allowed.

Answer #10


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