Go into a galaxy that there might be another world like earth?

K I heard if you go into a gallaxy that there might be another world like earth? By the way what is a gallaxy

Answer #1

jazlovestoskate: No life has been proven to exist outside of our own planet at this point in time. Everything else you said is well informed though.

Answer #2

ya actually the chance of there being a planet with life is kinda high. forget which moon- but one of Jupitor’s moons already has conditions for life, and we have sampled organic molecules from gyser (sp) jets

Answer #3

absolutly could be with all the possable worlds out there I think so

Answer #4

if there is life does not mean it is in human or animal form it could be microscopic germs or even bugs

Answer #5

A collection of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity. The smallest galaxies may contain only a few hundred thousand stars, while the largest galaxies have thousands of billions of stars. The Milky Way galaxy contains our solar system. and as for your first question, yes and no there isnt another planet exactly like earth, but there are a lot of other planets that contain other forms of life. weather there is anything like humans and animals we have on our planet I dont know

Answer #6

I’m sure somewhere in the universe there is a planet similar to Earth, with an abundance of water, etc. Water has been found in many places…for example one of Saturn’s moons is completely ice, comets are generally a collection of ice, dust & rocky particles. So if would be safe to say that there very well could be a planet like ours out there.

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