Is it Human Nature to think about suicide?

Is it human nature to think about suicide, I mean surely everybody thinks about it at one stage?? Like I think about it quiet a bit, not exactly attemptin it or nethin, it just passes my mind sumtime is that unhealthy

Answer #1

Death is something everyone thinks about… Suicide is a whole different issue (or so everyone keeps telling me…) If you’re asking the question, honestly, something is probably wrong… You might want to talk to someone…

Answer #2

okay dont listen to the advisors srsly. weell to tell you the truth I think of suicide sometimes, and so do most of my friends, it just passes threw my thoughts like randomly. I dont think you need help if your not going to do it. so dont worry about it. k?

Answer #3

Dear thecerebralassassin, No, it isn’t something everyone thinks of. It can be unhealthy and does signify a lack of coping skills. If you find these thoughts are creeping up on you more and more you must seek out counselling. Talk with a school counsellor or a trusted adult. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

no, its not human nature, its the devil. rebuke him in Jesus name!

Answer #5

No, it is not Human Nature. I never think about it. I figure when my time comes I will leave this world w/out any help!

Answer #6

I usually think about committing suicide but after weeks of building it up I start to scare myself, and then I don’t do it.

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