If the US attacks north korea, they attack japan is that true?

Ok, Is this true? My Social Studies teacher says that like, If we plan on attackin North Korea with our nuclear missles. He says if they die from us, they are going to launch missles at Japan. SO basically if they end up dying [north korea] they’re taking out about 100,000 or more innocent Japanese people with them. How is that logic? Well if it is TRUE… WHy would they do such a thing?

Answer #1

I doubt that China would weigh in on a war with North Korea. I believe that the see Kim Jong Il as someone who wants power more than anything else. I don’t think they like him much either, but support him because he also follows communist beliefs. I’m actually quite sure China would annex North Korea if it could.

I do think if anything Jong Il would like to take out as much of Japan as possible. I am sure since he doesn’t have the technology to get a missle to the US he would try very hard to land one or two in Japan before the launched a full scale attack on North Korea.

Why would that happen? Well friction between Japan and other Asian nations is not new. Some people are still pretty pissed about WWII. The hatred between Korea and Japan has been going on for hundreds of years and is not new as well. Hard to say exactly why Jong Il doesn’t like Japan, but it’s probably not anything that isn’t already in history books.

Answer #2

What is the point of hitting california. Go for Central and work your way outwards if anything. Kim Jong II, if has any sense of any respect for his country, will not and should not deploy nuclear threats to America. Simply due to the fact the world, in a whole - and not only the US, would demolish North Korea In response. Theyre everything would be nothing. But the Us can shoot down nuclear threats from any angle of the universe so im pretty sure the world is ok for a while.

Answer #3

Well probably and I’m not that worried because their missiles must suck if they fizzle halfway out and land in the ocean. America recently announced that they will only defend south Korea not invade north. But if the US lends one of the 747 military anti-nuke laser jets to the south ( which we don’t need cause they’ll never reach us not even Hawai) even south Korea and japan will be safe. China also announced that it is totally against the north missiles launch but will still aid the north with food and oil. Russias not a threat because they are pretty much diplomaticly done forever with the north. So no I think any attack on japan will fail.

Answer #4

well theres reason to belief that korea has nukes all pointed at the west coast and I wouldnt doubt it one bit. but I also doubt that they can even have a successful launch. even if they do it wont be a big one. and guess what?! america has technology! its called countermeasures we could probably get rid of a nuke launched by korea in no time and even if they do successfuly nuke say… los angelos. we would completely annihilate north korea before they could do anything else. and dont leave south korea out of this little invasion rumor. the US trains with the south koreans every year on a mock invasion of north korea in case the need arises north korea wil be on the defense not the offfense. we will know if they are gonna nuke us beofre they actually nuke us

Answer #5

It’s probably true, but even worse, such an act on our part would result in full scale attack by China on the US - WWIII and a likely end of humanity.

Answer #6

That makes no sense whatsoever…

Answer #7

North Korea CAN kill us WHENEVER they want…THE END

Answer #8

I think it might b and they would do that because w/out japan we would have just about nothing because they are one of our biggest suppliers of stuff so the economy would fail even more w/out japan because they have lent us a lot of money to boost our economy

Answer #9

its true that north korea could kill us any day now..

Answer #10

It’s China who produces “most of our stuff”…not Japan…tho Japan is a large part of the world economy…


Answer #11

oh so if they blow japan up we probally wont have any thing and our economy would be even worst than it already is?

Answer #12

Well we have enough nuclear missles to destroy earth 10 times but we only need 1 :] but ..

Answer #13

ya but.. north korea can sell their nukes to terrorists and they can use to destroy north america. There are lots of countries that hate~ america. not me though..

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