Iran Invasion

do you think the US would Invade Iran? why?

Answer #1

probably just because the US does stuff like that even though its really none of our business. I wouldnt do it b/c the national debt is just waaay too much money and they just keep spending money we dont have which would make things much worse than what they are.

Answer #2

just like iraq attacked the great american ally, called…


Answer #3

It depends greatly on who the next president is. A McCain administration would probably be even tougher on Iran than Bush has been, while Obama has said he favors open and direct talks with Iran on a number of issues. I don’t know what type of military action McCain would take against Iran, but it would probably escalate tensions in the Middle East. Both candidates have said they would tighten sanctions, though.

Obama has been criticized by both Bush and McCain as being “soft” when it comes to Iran. But here’s the deal…let’s say Obama is president and he says, “Iran, I want to negotiate with you on your nuclear program, military activity in the Persian Gulf, support for Hamas and al-Qaeda, and the future of Iraq and Afghanistan.” Then let’s say Iran, either because of Ahmedinejad or the Ayatollah, responds by saying “We will not negotiate with the Americans, you are evil and we have nothing to say to you.” The Iranians perceive us as “soft” and continue their military activity and support for regional terrorist groups. Although it would be a problem for our Mideast policy temporarily, who do you think will really be the loser in this possible scenario? Not Obama or the US, whose international stature will improve. It will be Iran, who will isolate itself further and bring all kinds of international criticism for its actions. Russia and China certainly would be holding an empty sack if they support such an Iran. And Ahmedinejad’s legacy would quickly change. He will be seen as the leader who shot down a major peace envoy desired by millions of people, no longer as the man who successfully defied the Great Satan. More of his own people would oppose him.

So even if Obama’s diplomatic approach fails, it certainly could get us much further than shaking a stick at Iran, a stick that drops GBU-40 smart bombs.

Answer #4

Of course he wouldn’t rule it out. It would be pretty stupid to publicly say something like that.

McCain can’t wait to invade Iran. He wants to be a war president also. He even made up a song about it: “bomb, bomb, bomb… bomb bomb Iran” to the tune of the beach boys Barbara Ann.

Answer #5

The U.S. will only attack Iran if Iran actually attacks us or one of our allies.

    I hope you do not take offense,
    To that that's gone before;
    'Tis only that it's my two-cents,
    And not one penny more. §;o)
Answer #6

Nawww…Us wont b attacking iran.iran is way too united and strong.I mean,if they have been blasting people in iraq and afghanistan and God knows where and who else,they shouldve killed iranians too bt they havent because Iran IS strong and united.Go Iranians!:)

Answer #7

Obama also said, he would NOT rule out the use of our military…

I heard that with my OWN ears…


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