Invasion of privacy

I was reading an article on AOL about where President Bush will be living after he leaves the White House. The article gave the address and city of his new house and showed a picture of it. Do you think the author should have done it?

Answer #1

im not crazy about George Bush, but thats really wrong!!! I wouldnt like it if everyone knocked at my door

Answer #2

I dont support it, seems like invasion of privacy. As you said.

“Everyone also knows about his Crawford, Texas ranch” Nobody knows he’s supposed to live there permanently though

Answer #3

NO!!! thats so wrong! I mean would you want people all across the world knoing were you live?

Answer #4

I think that’s wrong. I kinda feel sorry for him, kinda.

Answer #5

Of course they shouldn’t have done it but there are those out there so hate-saturated that rules and common decency don’t apply.

Answer #6

Addresses are generally public record, unless you do something to prevent it being listed. People know where Clinton lives.

Anyone who really cared about going to see Bush or the house, for whatever, would have been able to find it pretty easily, even without this reporter giving it out.

And he will have 24/7 secret service protection for the rest of his life.

Answer #7

Not unless he had permission first. I don’t think he would like it if his house was posted in a place where everybody could see it.

Answer #8

hes an ex president. im pretty sure he would have a security detail of some sort to protect him for the remainder of his life. but im also sure he most likely will not be living at home most of his retirement. prob be on holiday for the remainder of his days. but unless the author had prior permission to do so then I think he was most likely in the wrong… even though it pains me to say it, considering what the bush administration has done to the civil liberties of americans in the past

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