Is a nuclear-armed Iran acceptable ?

Reference Iran: If the Obama administration decides it will appease and we simply have to live with this nuclear-armed nation, is this acceptable ?

Answer #1

Exactly who gives the US the right to dictate what other countries can have nuclear weapons? I dont remember anyone getting together and voting them the world police? Personally I dont think any country having nuclear weapons is acceptable

Sigh. I’m not going to be as polite. If you’re going to get into a political discussion of any sort, please try and read up on what you’re discussing. If you cant read, try watching the news. Preferably not only FOX news. Pakistan has had nuclear weapons for over 10 years. And like she said the Taliban crossed borders a long time ago. They are now quite close to the capital of Pakistan. And what exactly has pakistan got to do with Israel? I know it gets confusing. So many countries. All those names. But just because they are all in the same general area on the map does not mean that they are all in one giant conspiracy to destroy Israel. Again, stop watching FOX…

Answer #2

Either ways Iran is unacceptable, and so is the united stattes for having nukes, the simple arguement, if you can have nukes why cant I ? Best solution ?Nuclear disarmament… It brings the question what makes your country so special that it has the rights to own nukes ?

Answer #3

adviceman, because we can handle them. we have expierience with tension and or nuclear threats with other countries. we know what we are doing. we went to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. North Korea cant control themselves, they show off their missiles in parades in broad daylight. at the slightest threat of invasion from a foreign country whats stopping them from just lauching missiles because they feel threatend? they have no idea what the hell they are doing. that why we dont trust them with nukes.

Answer #4

What are you all saying???

Answer #5

firstly why america have the right to have nuclear weapon and the rest of the world does not have the right just asking who made america the boss of nations . america always stick her nose into anyone business ,she made the war in iraq she is the one that attacked and she is the responsible of the war , and for why many have died of the military..and also in afghanistan .pakistan…she don’t want the people to live in peace

Answer #6

no its not, no country should have nuclear weapons 4 that matter and America should stop playin big brother to other countries

Answer #7

and what is stopping america from attacking an arabic country in the excuse of making peace?

Answer #8

and kill thousands of innocent people

Answer #9

I have an idea: Lets strike and attack them and have no exit plan and send our young men and women out there to die…for nothing.

Oh wait, we already did that.

Answer #10

I am much more worried about pakistan who has them, than Iran who doesn’t.

amblessed, when has Obama ever said he would appease Iran and do nothing to prevent them from making nukes?

Answer #11

If you believe as I do that technology expands exponentially, then it is inevitable (within our lifetimes for sure) that Iran (and everyone else we hate) will acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Is pre-emptive war really the best policy when such outcomes are virtually certain? I’m not saying I look forward to the idea of a nuclear armed Iran, but I am saying time is long overdue for a more cooperative approach to international issues, and pre-emptive war undermines that.

Answer #12

politely responding- PAKISTAN already has nuclear capability. the taliban and al quaeda are in pakistan already- kind of scary isn’t it.

IRAN developing nuclear capability is simply intolerable and extremely dangerous, in a world where the super powers are taking apart their nuclear stockpiles, and reducing the amount of weapons in the world- other countries should not feel the need to have these weapons.

there really is nothing we can do about the countries that already have them, but we can keep other countries from developing new nuclear weapons (I.e. IRAN, NORTH KOREA). new technology for fighting conventional wars is frightening enough without adding the nuclear and biological possibilities into the mix.


Answer #13

hey,iran doesnt want to start a war,if they have nuclear missle they just become the same as us or rusha,but wheras every one said iran is a terosim country,they are realy not,and noting will be happen.

Answer #14

if we make a peace agreement its okay but if pakstine (cant spell) gets nukes then well you can say good by to iseral and now the taliban is 30 miles from pakstines border so id say we need to stop worrying about iran for now and just make sure isral is still hear in 10 years

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