Interpretation of God never said thou shalt not lie in proximity?

What is your interprutation of “God never said thau shalt not lie in proximity”

Answer #1

I don’t quite understand the question, sorry

Answer #2

Can we have a little more information about the origin of the statement in the question like where it came from?

Answer #3

That it’s a bad translation…of some language that, odds are, we can’t fully translate perfectly today ;)

“thou” is an archaic form of “you” which hasn’t been used in everyday English (American or British) for hundreds of years…

So my interpretation of that is the translator did the work five hundred plus years ago, and it should be re-translated from the original to modern English.

“God said you should lie near to each other”…is the closest I can get ;) But, I’m guessing there is a lot of meaning that was lost when this moved to middle ages English, and I’m not a linguist.

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