I miss God... where can I start?

I know God never left me and ignored me, I confess it… that I decided to go with on my own not with him and for what he had for me. Dont think I did something very bad, I just fell in love with my boyfriend that my parents disagree on cause they said im too young and his not a christian. I know not listening to your parents is bad but I actually feel Im bringing my boyfriend to God but I lost my relationship with him. I used to talk to him and be closer to God its such a great feeling but now I miss God so much ):

Answer #1

Start by letting it all out, letting all of the bad emotions out, basically cleansing yourself of bad feelings. When you feel empty, talk to Him. Say that you want him back in your life, that you were wrong to leave him and solo it. Beg for forgiveness, and it will be granted. I know someone who will remain anonymous that was so into drugs, he was in debt, he had lost everything, and then he broke down in a parking lot and let it all out. Then he heard the words “I love you.” He is now a very successful man in life, and he goes to church on Sundays, and thanks the lord for being given a second chance in life. Your situation might not be as bad, but it can most certainly be turned around. Open your heart, and let Him in. Open your heart, and let all the love take the place of the bad feelings. There is ALWAYS time for God, no matter what it might seem like. It doesn’t matter if your with someone or not, there is still time for Him. However, I suggest being alone when you let it all out, or you might accidently hurt someone. But make sure that you DO let it all out. ALL OF IT. Every last bit of it. I guarantee that you will feel a hell of a lot better than you did before, and when you do feel better, that’s the time to talk to Him. THAT is the time to ask for forgiveness. After that, start going to church on Sundays. You don’t have to go every sunday, it might just be once a month or every other week, but make sure you show up somewhat regularly if your trying to get him back into your heart. Remember, open your heart and he will come in, all you need to do is ask.

Answer #2

Just put aside time for god and read from your bible and comunicate with him through prayer, es been waiting for you and will answer you when you are calling, just be live god, I miss you so much and I need you in my life, please forgive me for all of my sins and clense my soul, just please lead me to you and shine through me though the days where I am walking through a store and the hallways at school or at work, and give me the strength and courage to lead my boyfriend to you and save his life. by showing your kindness through chris can save someones life, even just by saying hey or inviting someone to church, I suggst that you and your boyfriend go and join a church group to find god. God alas forgives you and died on the cross thinking of you, in heaven he wont care how many sins you made, how rich or poor you were, or how many friends you had, he will care how many times you havent sinned and dicided to make the better choice, he will care how you helped the poor and donated what you had to make someones like just a little bit better, and he will care how many people you brought to christ, god is always there for you and looking down on you in heave. The decisions that you make will make you who you are in the end and you dont want to be anyone but you.

Answer #3

Some people’s children have such a high opinion of their beliefs they can’t stop themselves from being butt-inskies in questions that don’t pertain to them. Don’t feel compelled to answer toadly’s nay-saying and skepticism.

I liked you’re little poem, Ethmer…simplicity in and of itself can be comforting…


Answer #4

From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God never turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #5

If your god is a loving god, he loves your (ex?) boyfriend as well, and will not hold it against you that you have affection for him.

The Bible says to obey your parents, but it also says a man will leave his parents to bond with a wife (in the modern world, we extend that to women as well).

How do you interpret this conflict?

Answer #6


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