Would you be 'in favor' if on day one Obama shuts down any idea of

Would you be ‘in favor’ if on day one Obama shuts down any idea of ‘Drilling’ for oil ?

Answer #1

Being a huge tolkien fan myself, I take exception to you description. What make you think that the middle east is Mordor? Middle earth is imaginary. The real world doesn’t have such a clear distinctions between good and evil. It is all shades of gray.

Answer #2

I would have to think about this one. So, if I were a Obama supporter which I’m not, I wouldn’t be in favor of the decision unless something changes. I would like to stop our dependency on foreign oil though.

Answer #3

One of the largest problems our country faces is it’s dependency on foreign oil. If Obama proposes to stop drilling it will be because we have either a) found a viable alternative to our oil consumption and that includes the use of petroleum products for farming b) realized that the drilling operations in our country are not supplying enough oil to make the slightest difference So, yes, I would support his decision because I am aware that the oil we get from drilling our coasts and land, isn’t enough to make the slightest bit of difference in our reliance on foreign oil. I also did not support Obama on his agreement to drill our coasts. I also do not agree that the alaskan wildlife refuge should have been opened for drilling.

Answer #4

Well, now that the world economy is falling off a cliff, and oil prices with it, the urgency for drilling is not as great as it was 2 months ago.

If he’s serious about renewable resources and can bring them online within his term, immediate drilling is not longer so important. Energy independence is a national security concern, and drilling will simply not get us to that point - but nanosolar combined with wind realisticaly can.

Answer #5

I think when the dems repealed the offshore drilling laws before the election, is was a BIG LIE.. it’s just my opinion, but they did that just to get their man elected, because now they want to take it back…plus the fact they said we could drill 50+ miles offshore, when they all know there is way more closer to the coastline than 50+ miles…even if they just let the oil companies uncap what they already have found, that would certainly help…put it this way, ( in my opinion only,now don’t want to get another liberal beating ) ANYTHING obama said before the election means nothing, and when he doesn’t come through, he will just say that he was terribly misinformed by the Bush administration…count on it…so I guess I wouldn’t be in favor of that decision

Answer #6

I would be very much in favor. As Utopia said, drilling off shore will have practicially zero impact on our dependence on foriegn oil. It is a waste of time and resources.

Answer #7

well, that has two sides to it. in my opinion, they should look for cleaner energy sources instead of wasting money on oil; that money can be spent to develop energy resources that are better for the environment. so, I’d probably say yes.

Answer #8

I see you’ve taken over McCain’s use of “”… hmm and I prefer not to speculate on something someone might do…

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