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Is it legal to move in with my 21 year old boyfriend?

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Okay. Here's the deal. I'm 17 and I have a 21 year old boyfriend. We both live in Texas. And we have been together for seven months. Which means we were together when I was 16. My parents hate us being together. I hate living at home with their constant negativity they have towards him. They bad mouth him constantly and I cannot take it any more. My sister doesn't support me at all either. She claims she will get my parents to press charges and get a restraining order on him. Can they do that without my consent?? Is there any way I can legally move out of my parents home without having to be emancipated? I've been doing research on it and I read that police will not take you home, they will just make you call your parents and tell them that you are okay and where you are.

My question is can I live with my 21 year old boyfriend and him not get arrested for housing me??

It's really getting to be unlivable at my house. I want out. My birthday is in September and I will be 18 then. 8 months seems like a really long time. Especially when I'm living in these conditions. I hardly even get to see my boyfriend. So is it at all possible for me to leave without their consent and live with my boyfriend??

A helpful reply would be greatly appreciated.