I hate it when people call President Obama "the first black preside

I hate it when people call President Obama “the first black president” when he’s not even fully African-American. how come they call him that??

Answer #1

I could possibly be the first female AA president when I get older lol!

Answer #2

It is historic because it is the first black or African American or whatever president. He is also a good speaker.

Answer #3

So what if he is half black - he is still the first President that had african american decendants. It’s a HUGE step for America considering it really wasn’t that long ago that blacks were slaves and did not have any rights. Of course it’s a big deal! Open your eyes.

Answer #4

Because people dont know what there saying. If people had focused more on smarts instead of skin color McCain wouldve won. I dont see at all how this is “Historic” he just like any other guy out there..

Answer #5

I guess your view of what constitutes “African-American” is a bit narrower than most. He’s an American of Kansan/Kenyan decent. Why wouldn’t that count any more or less than the millions of slave descendants whose African blood has been diluted by centuries of mingling with Caucasians?

Come to that, is a white man from South Africa who becomes an American citizen an African-American? Would a black family from Jamaica living in Maine be African-American even though they had never set foot in Africa? What about a man of Kenyan decent living in England? The term “African-American” is extremely limited considering many of those it is applied to are neither.

But to address your question, when it comes to assigning race, most people subscribe to the “white comes last” rule. Therefore, if you’re 1/2 Cherokee, half white hick from Arkansas, you’re Native American.

Answer #6

despite any “firsts” he may be, I’m glad he won. despite his low experience, he still seems qualified and I think he’ll do a way better job than mccain would have if he had won.

Answer #7

If you did not know his mother was white, you would see him as a black man. Many African Americans in this country have white ancestry (parents and grandparents). If you look black, then you are black. White society made that rule.

Research history to find out more about the 1/8 rule.

Answer #8

I know what you mean this really gets on my nerves as well its like people are singling him out becasue hes black and they think that hes going to be different to a white person. I think for black people it symbolizes how they have gone from strength to strength in changing people’s opinions and saying its alright to be black becasue in 1950s America to be black was a bad thing they were avoided and discriminated against. Martin Luther King was assasinated becasue he was an influential leader when black people were facing these problems the divide between the black and the white was vast.

Answer #9

Because he hase a dark complection to his skin

Answer #10

So?What does it matter that he is black? People shouldve just focused on his background & character. Everyone made such a big deal outta nothing..

Answer #11

He is the FIRST BIRACIAL presidant, Not the First African American.

Answer #12

He is black. His ancestry IS African-American. He is not just evolved from the white race so he is justifiably classified as black or African-American since that is where the majority of his genetic history comes from.

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Answer #13

In america, you are considered black even if you are only 1/16 black. While skin color should be deemed no more impoartant than eye or hair color, it is a monumental step in racial equality.

Answer #14

I agree completely with jimahl.

Seen from outside the US, it does seem very odd that someone who has equal amounts of black African and white American ‘blood’ should automatically be considered ‘black’ - but the important thing is that, despite all the barriers, he did win the presidency and can set an example.

Answer #15

i <3 Obama.

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