Who where the first people in what I now called usa?

If you don’t get what im asking here Who where the first people in the wrold according to history??

Answer #1

in the begginging of time, according to history, the Urians and Eries where from mesopotamia. This is the Cradle of Life. Its located along the Tigris and Euphrates river. These people left this land due to the over rulling Egyptians, which are a rebel group that broke away. They then moved over the Bering Straits into Alaska , then read the top

Answer #2

lol. How American. You know that the first people in the ‘wrold’, better spelt the ‘world’ were not in the USA? As for the first people in the USA, well they are now called native Americans. Of course that was a name given to them by outsiders. They probably called themselves by different names.

Answer #3

sorry [well yea who where the first people in the world?

Answer #4

The theory I was taught was that people migrated from Asia over an ice bridge across the Baring straits into what is now Alaska at the end of the last ice age. After this these people migrated throughout both North and South America. This theory is not universally accepted though. Recently evidence of man living in the Americas before this time makes it likely that there was more than one migration of mankind.

Answer #5

First people in the USA were native “americans’ which is a misnomer, but that’s generally what they are referred to.

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