Why do people say...We're not ready for a black president?

We’re not ready for a black president?

What’s up with that?

Answer #1

Who says that? I’m way up here in Backwash, Mt, conservative, farming/ranching country…and I haven’t even heard that one…Maybe I just run with an older crowd.


Answer #2

oh captain, my captain…great! loved your response…

Answer #3

“and I haven’t even heard that one”

Neither have I. I don’t think Obama’s race is really an issue outside the media, even for his opposition. Keep in mind that Alan Keyes is overwhelmingly popular among the Religious Right. No, many people are opposed to Obama because they believe him to be a Muslim, not because he’s half black. Of course, this is nonsense.

Answer #4

African Americans aren’t Stupid and im not being racist I am half black myself but really all democrats want is for all the black people to vote for them cause all they care about is power.

Answer #5

In what way is Sarah Palin great? Name just ONE way

OOH! I can! I can!

‘’Strong, competent, very intelligent, woman with solid core values - will make a Great VP !!’’

Heh… I just thought I’d save amblessed the trouble. Of course, I don’t believe any of it. Palin represents a total mockery of the political race.

Answer #6

I agree with both of you.

People act as if African Americans are stupid, or can’t handle something like the presidency.

What would make them even THINK such a thing?

let alone SAY it.

African AMERICANS are just as much AMERICANS as a white person.

Answer #7

actually, and I have no favorite; so don’t think I’m against barack or anything cause I in no way am..

but I think mccain would do reallly good as president!! I mean, sure, he’s a lot older. but look at sarah palin, dude. she’s freakin great!! having her in any sort of power would help us out enormously!!

Answer #8

I guess I’ve missed that.

But even if people in the media are saying that, it’s still a non-issue. Polls show between 75% and 80% of Americans believe the country is ready for a black president. Since Obama does not currently have 80% of the popular vote, that should tell you there are many Obama opponents who still believe the country is ready for a black president. Actually, a higher number of whites said the country is ready for a black president than blacks did, which is understandable. I think there’s still skepticism in the black community that the US would actually elect a black president.

Answer #9

people are voting according to race, looks, and age these days. no one cares anymore about what they’re going to do as a president!!

I mean, sure.. after they decide their favorite based off looks they’re going to then start picking out little things they might find they like.

the presidential debate has gotten far too much about trying to hurt your own oponet than to help yourself and actually focus mainly on what you want to get done. I mean I know it’s been going on like that for years, but where does it stop?

Answer #10

I’ve heard them say it on the news, radio, everything.

Answer #11

In what way is Sarah Palin great? Name just ONE way.

Answer #12

fau - part arab? uhm ok, I’m Kenyan, it’s in the EAST of Africa… not in the North… therefore no Arab, and unless his white mother some how has Arab blood, he’s not Arab, although, WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH ANYTHING!

Answer #13

Because they’re racist pricks.

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