What do people hate Obama?

Why do a lot of people hate Obama?

I know a lot of people are racist..

But people on my cheer squad hate them just because their parents don’t like him..

And they follow their parents.. I don’t understand that..

And I don’t think that people should be racist against someone that is going to lead our country..

I think that he will do a good job with it.

I’m not really in to that kind of stuff. But just curious of what other people think about it..

Answer #1

You know, when someone say’s they don’t like Obama, maybe it’s not that they’re racist. Maybe it’s that they don’t like certain factors about him. I dislike Obama, and I’m not racist. Infact, my best friend is black, and I have no problem with that. And for certain, I don’t like his ideas. & I personally feel as if he tries too hard to be a good president. I didn’t vote for him either. <– I’m a McCainiack. And it’s my personal opinion, which I’m entitled to, and so is everybody else. We’re all different people, and we all have different views and outlooks on anything and everything. Which most likely means we’re all going to have different opinions.

Answer #2

some are still racist yes. but the others I dont know. no, I didnt vote for him. but I dont hate him either. I hope he’ll do good in office and I hope him and his family stays safe.

Answer #3

Many people now believe more in character than color and thats why many chose Obama proving that Americans have eradicated racism.

Answer #4

I don’t like his color, nor his ideas. And he’ll fail big time if he really does the crap he says.

Answer #5

I’m not racist at all, I just don’t like his ideas.

Answer #6

Having a difference in policy opinions is certainly not ‘racist’ - that label cannot be tagged to everything said or opined - policy wise, in my opinion, trying to tax a country into prosperity doesn’t work - going by what he has said - a year from now if we’re in the same or worse economic situation, it will not be positive change for America - we will see.

Answer #7

An interesting question considering one of your other questions: http://www.funadvice.com/q/chinese_food_156198

Maybe if you could find the answer as to why you are racist against the Chinese, you may find out why some people are prejudiced against any race.

In my opinion, racism in America is diminishing as people come to understand other people and their cultures. No longer are we racist because our parents were but instead are so because of our own experiences and lack of understanding. It takes awhile to learn that just like there are good and bad white people, there are good and bad in every race and that we should not judge all because of a couple of bad apples or experiences.

As to Obama, I voted for McCain on principles but I am satisfied that Obama will make a fine President. Even though I’m a Republican, I could see myself voting for Obama in four years if he continues to do as well as I think he is going to do.

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Answer #8

Agreed with brandyytoxxiccc I am not Racist and I do not believe everything people tell me…I also have a very close friend that is Black and I am perfectly fine with that…I don’t like Obama because I just don’t agree with him, and don’t like what he is planning for out country and I believe we are going to go in a Depression soon or it could take up to a year or two…anyways I just don’t agree with Obama thats all.

Answer #9

I don’t think that the word “hate” is equal to the word “disagree”…People disagree with what he says his policies on the economy, schools, health etc will be…Hate is usually reserved for people we know in person…Hate takes a LOT of energy…


Answer #10

i <3 Obama.

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